Leander Paes’s disloyal partner Rhea Pillai final Rs 1 crore remuneration in domestic assault case

Leander Paes, Rhea PillaiLeander Paes, Rhea Pillai Rhea Pillai had filed a censure of domestic assault opposite Leander Paes. (Source: File)

Leander Paes was in for a bold startle when his disloyal partner and former indication Rhea Pillai’s lawyers claimed that they had demanded Rs 1 crore as remuneration from a former for domestic assault as opposite to 10 lakh that was a initial amount. According to a news on Mid-Day they had lost to put a ‘zero’ while primarily filing her justice petition.

Pillai had filed a censure of domestic assault opposite Paes – with whom she was in a vital in attribute – in 2014. It was usually after a prolonged check that a Supreme Court had demanded for a resolution to be brought to a box within a stipulated period. Pillai had termed Paes as an ‘absentee father’ and a dual are hence also inextricable in a conflict over control of their child.

In Jan 2017, Supreme Court had destined a integrate to seem before a intervention dungeon to settle their dispute. The dais headed by Justice Arun Misra had suggested them to work out a allotment to put an finish to a tentative litigation. Pillai had changed Court, claiming she was in a “matrimonial relationship” with Paes and was entitled to service underneath a special Domestic Violence law. She wanted reinstatement of justice justice sequence that deserted Paes’s row that he was not married to her. Meanwhile, a Bombay High Court had hold that a row lifted by both parties was an emanate that could be announced after a tria

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