Lawyers exhibit a source of dispute between shooter and his co-workers

Farook Family Attorney Says Family Unaware of 'Radicalization'

The gunman who helped spin a San Bernardino holiday whack into a slaughterhouse had been done fun of by his co-workers for his beard, his family’s lawyers claimed Friday.

Syed Rizwan Farook was a righteous Muslim who wore a brave for eremite reasons and “usually shrugged off any jokes that were done about this facial hair,” profession David Chesley said.

“He was a unequivocally isolated, introverted individual, with unequivocally no friends that we could identify” in a San Bernardino County Health Department, where he had worked for 5 years, a lawyers said.

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Chesley and profession Mohammad Aubershaid done a comments during a news discussion directed during negligence what they argued was a rush to visualisation by a FBI and media to announce Farook and mom Tashfeen Malik terrorists.

The lawyers, who paint Farook’s mother, dual sisters, and brother, spoke shortly after the FBI announced that a group was questioning a mass sharpened as an act of terrorism.

Chesley pronounced a family was “totally shocked” after training that Farook and Malik had gunned-down 14 people and bleeding 21 some-more Wednesday during a city’s Inland Regional Center. The integrate was after killed in a shootout with cops.

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Pakistani-born Malik pledged devotion to a personality of ISIS on Facebook only before she and her father carried out a massacre, law coercion sources told NBC News.

The Farook family lawyers insisted, however, that they haven’t seen any justification to aver a terrorism review and pronounced a couples’ family had no thought they had presumably turn “radicalized.”

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