Lauren Hashian Shares Sweet Tribute for Boyfriend Dwayne Johnson on Father’s Day: ‘Our Protector’

Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson plays strong, drastic characters on-screen, yet during home, he is a large softie with his 3 daughters.

To commemorate Father’s Day, Johnson’s partner and mom to his dual younger girls, Lauren Hashian, dedicated a honeyed reverence to him on Instagram Sunday, along with a cutest moments between him and 2-year-old Jasmine Lia, 2-month-old Tiana Gia, and Johnson’s 16-year-old daughter Simone Garcia Johnson.

“I already adore we yet to see we as a father done me tumble in adore we even more. Playing and shouting constantly any time you’re together. Leading with your wisdom, guidance, patience, and care as they grow up,” Hashian wrote.

“Always seeking yourself how can we be a best father to any of my girls. Doing things to assistance me be a best mom we can. Allowing a 2-year-old daughter to reason we warrant in her fondle room daily, and take your food from we any time we eat,” a mom of dual said.

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“Being so hands on even yet infrequently it seems we work 8 days a week And we still rush home on those days to tuck in your babies. I’m so grateful. We’re so grateful. There is unequivocally no other like you,” she continued.

“Endlessly loving… And only to accept their adore behind creates we a happiest Daddy on a planet. That’s why… Happy Fathers Day to a man, a protector, a heart. Thank we for being a best Dad partner and we adore you! Xoxo,” Hashian added.

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Johnson, 46, responded to his longtime adore with a honeyed note in a comments section, writing, “I’m one propitious SOB. And appreciate God [Jasmine Lia] grew out of her Pikachu phase, that dress was approach too prohibited ;),” adding, “Alofa tele ia te oe” that is Samoan for “Love we really much.”

Meanwhile, the Skyscraper star paid reverence to his father Rocky on Instagram Sunday with one of his favorite photos from this childhood, also pity what he’s schooled about being a father to his possess 3 daughters.

“Happy Father’s Day to this frequency ever smiling OG badass. Little boys by nature, demeanour adult to and treasure their aged man. They wish to be only like em, do whatever they do and are always looking for their approval. Funny thing is a day we stopped looking for that capitulation was a day we accepted what it meant to be male and some-more importantly, a father,” Johnson said.

“That change carried me to a new turn of thankfulness for a tough adore he always gave. Years after as a male and father of 3 girls, we know that tough love, is a helluva lot improved than no adore during all. I’ll take it. It’s done me who we am today. Grateful to a strange Rock. #HappyFathersDay #KingStache #RockyJohnson,” he concluded.

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Last week, Johnson done fans swoons when he posted a print to Instagram display him assisting Hashian do some mommy multitasking. In a image, a father of 3 fed his partner cooking while she breastfed their newborn Tiana Gia, innate Apr 17.

Explaining a photo, Johnson wrote, “I’ll hoop this business.”

“Mama @laurenhashianofficial has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia, so I’m feedin’ mom her dinner. My pleasure,” he continued. “So most honour to her and all mamas out there holding it down and using things. Just landed and good to get all my girl’s staid in. Now, we gotta go prove my possess appetite… Iron Paradise, here we come.”