Late-Night Lately: Colbert Says Sorry, ‘Game of Thrones’ Auditions, Jon Stewart Crashes ‘Kimmel’

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel did not go easy on Donald Trump Jr. and his excuses this week, following a explanation that he met with a Russian counsel to try to get deleterious information about Hillary Clinton.

Colbert pronounced people are approaching to trust that during a tallness of a presidential debate a following happened: Trump Jr. told Manafort and Kushner, “I need we come to a meeting?” “With who?” responded Colbert as Manafort/Kushner. “I don’t know.” “About what?” “I’m not revelation you.” “OK we’re in.”

Trump Jr. pronounced that a assembly finished adult being a contention about a adoption of Russian children. “The forgive is, ‘I attempted to collude, though we didn’t get anything,'” pronounced Colbert. “That’s like observant ‘Yes, your honor, we pennyless into a residence though there was zero value stealing. So if we consider about it, they were robbing me.'”

“At this indicate it would be easier if a Trump people usually told us that Russians they hadn’t met with,” pronounced Trevor Noah in his shred recapping a Trump Jr. revelations. “I don’t even consider Russian people hang out with this many Russians.”

He, like Colbert, mocked Trump Jr. for fortifying himself by observant a Russian source he met with never finished adult giving him prolific information. “I usually met with that other lady since we suspicion she wanted to f—,” pronounced Noah as Trump Jr. “Turns out she usually wanted me to accommodate Jesus, so how we going to call me a cheater, girl?”

“That is batshit crazy,” pronounced Noah. “Donald Jr.’s invulnerability is that he attempted to cooperate though instead he got Russian catfished?”

Jimmy Kimmel had his possess “interview” with Kellyanne Conway, who asked him to conclude what a word “meeting” was.

“Jimmy do we eat meat?” pronounced feign Conway. “Is that a meeting?”

“Listen, we should be focusing on Hillary Clinton and a she-mails she’s been hiding,” continued feign Conway, eventually heading Kimmel to give up.