Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn Attend Kentucky Derby


Single father Larry Birkhead rocked a red runner with daughter Dennielynn, 10, during a 2017 Kentucky Derby on Saturday (May 6) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dannielynn stole a show in a dress featuring mixed shades of pink, interconnected with a fascinator shawl and flower-studded shoes. Meanwhile, her doting daddy looked clean-cut in an eggshell fit with a pinkish plaid tie.

The father-daughter twin – who live in farming Kentucky – have been attending a Derby together for a past 7 years.

Larry tweeted that he met his daughter’s mother, a late Anna Nicole Smith, during a Barnstable Brown Gala in 2003.

“Dannielynn b4 she raided a dessert room during a Barnstable-Brown Party where we met her Mom in 2003 #lifefullcircle #BarnstableBrownParty,” he captioned a picture station subsequent to a cake.

Dannielynn was usually 5-months-old when her mother died during age 39 in 2007.

The singular dad, 44, recently non-stop adult about gripping Smith’s memory alive.

“Ever given my mother’s death, a crony of hers pronounced she would send me flattering butterflies,” Larry read a minute that Dannielynn wrote. “So, butterflies follow me everywhere and we let a moth come out of my pencil and fly on my paper with a wings of love.”

Larry has lifted Dannielynn as a singular father given Smith’s random overdose 10 years ago.

“She could work me like her mom could work people,” he said of his daughter’s charm. “She gets what she wants.”

As it turns out, Dannielynn loves french fries, Snapchat and traveling.

“I wish to go to Washington D.C. so bad!” she said. “I wish to see all a monuments.”

The singular dad, who works as a photographer and dabbles in genuine estate, has opted to lift Dannielynn in farming Kentucky.

Dannielynn is a Girl Scout and she owns a pet lizard. Larry loves life with his flourishing girl. “[I] keep things simple,” he said.

“She is intrepid like her mom,” he said. “She’ll get on any drum coaster that we put in front of her. we could mount right subsequent to my daughter and we could demeanour like twins, and a initial thing they’ll contend is … ‘Spitting picture of a mother.’”

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