Lamar Odom: Brain Damage Likely After Stroke During Alleged Weekend Long Cocaine Bender

Lamar Odom’s purported random drug overdose could expected leave a former NBA player with mind damage. It is being pronounced that the 35-year-old suffered a cadence after allegedly going on a weekend prolonged heroin bender, that led to a comfortless conditions he’s now in.

If Lamar Odom, 35, were to come out a coma that he is in, it is expected that a NBA actor will have some damage to his brain. The former Lakers actor is struggling to stay alive after he reportedly went on a weekend prolonged drug bender with “virtually each drug imaginable” and was found unconscious during a luxury brothel in Nevada.

“Likely there’s mind damage, though they’re not certain how much,” a source told E! News. “Virtually each drug possible was found in his system.” The source went on to explain that doctors during Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where Lamar is now staying, is treating the situation as an purported “overdose.” While a former basketball player remains unconscious, he is on a ventilator and is still alive. Before it was said that Lamar allegedly went on a large drug spree, Dennis Hof, a owners of Love Ranch South, pronounced that he usually saw a 35-year-old take about 10 pills of an herbal surrogate for viagra.

The source continued to exhibit that Lamar suffered from a detriment of oxygen, though it’s also possible that he suffered an “ischemic stroke.” An ischemic cadence is caused by blood clot preventing blood upsurge to a mind and is mostly compared with heroin overdose as good as other drugs. The insider claimed to E! News that Lamar “had been merrymaking given Friday. He was doing moment heroin all weekend and he choked on his mucous. They’re now carrying to repair all a repairs it has done.”

Khloe Kardashian Is Inconsolable Upon Hearing News About Lamar

Khloe Kardashian, 31, was immediately told about Lamar’s condition when it was suggested that he was found comatose on Oct. 13. Understandably, a existence star was “hysterical” when she listened a news. Khloe along with Kim, 34, and Kris, 59, rushed to be by his side in Las Vegas, Nevada where he is reportedly struggling to stay alive. She is “completely inconsolable and heartbroken,” an insider told E! The 31-year-old isn’t a usually one hoping Lamar pulls through. There has been an measureless outpour of support for L.O. from a basketball community.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Lamar and his desired ones during this difficult time.

— Michelle Phi