Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Said a ‘Literal Prayer’ to Be Able to Tell Her Twin Girls Apart

Hillary Scott‘s matching twin daughters are usually 10 weeks old, though their relatives have already mastered a art of meaningful who’s who.

The Lady Antebellum singer, 32, tells PEOPLE for this week’s emanate that “not meaningful how to tell them apart” is what she feared after she and father Chris Tyrrell welcomed their second and third children, Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn, on Jan. 29.

“I wasn’t certain how matching they were gonna be since they are genetically identical, though they have opposite features,” explains Scott. “It was like a verbatim prayer. I’m like, ‘Lord, greatfully let me know how to tell them apart.’ ”

Luckily, the band’s drummer Tyrrell stepped in to save a day. Says Scott, who also shares 4½-year-old daughter Eisele Kaye with her fellow-musician husband, “Chris indeed has embellished Emory’s nails from a unequivocally beginning, so in a center of a night [we would] know who’s who.”

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Scott — who will strike a highway starting in Jul for a band’s Summer Plays on Tour while Tyrrell stays behind to caring for their children  — tells PEOPLE it was essential for her to be means to tell her daughters detached early on.

“It was only wanting [to know] that they were going to have their possess identities and wanting to, from as early on as possible, [encourage] their possess identities,” she explains.

“I didn’t wish them to grow adult one day and us be like, ‘Yeah, so when we were about 3 weeks old, your father and we totally forgot who was who, so we unequivocally could be Betsy and we unequivocally could be … ‘ ” continues a Heart Break singer. “You hear stories about that all a time.”

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Scott says her daughters‘ “face figure is different” — Betsy has “a small bit of a rounder face and Emory’s is some-more oval, heart-shaped — kinda like mine.”

“Betsy has her dad’s head, period,” she adds. “Just accurately [her] dad. And afterwards Emory has a small bit of [a different] face shape, and she was thinner. She was a comparison sister, a notation older, though a small bit some-more thin, generally in a beginning. Now she’s got chins like her sister.”

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The girls’ names have honeyed family ties. As Scott explains of Emory’s moniker, it was selected in respect of Tyrrell’s consanguine grandmother Emily Lou (whom his grandfather called Em), and Emory’s center name, JoAnn, is a name of Scott’s maternal good aunt.

“I adore family names though Emily Lou only didn’t feel right,” she says. “So we picked Emory since of Em though also since it means clever and brave.”

“And afterwards Betsy is Chris’ good aunt,” Scott shares. “So my aunt JoAnn and aunt Betsy reason a same accurate positions on both sides of a family. And she’s like 90-something — only a many spry, lively [woman].”

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Of new large sister Eisele, Scott tells PEOPLE Betsy and Emory are “her babies” and that she was “so excited” to hear of her siblings’ arrival, 10 days progressing than a family was expecting.

“She was only so in astonishment of her small sisters and how we had talked to them and sang to them and talked about them and she’d watch my physique grown, and felt them move. [She felt the] same approach we felt of like … one second, you’re not holding them and afterwards a subsequent second, we are,” she shares.

“She hold them and we swaddled them adult unequivocally good and she only sat there. Then she would come to a hospital during night, after school, and that’s when she would have a tough time withdrawal since we only weren’t a finish family, and we felt a same way,” Scott says.

The thespian reveals Eisele has been singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to her sisters to ease them down when they cry, adding, “It’s been extraordinary to watch her be so nurturing. She’s always been a unequivocally kindhearted, merciful small girl, though they’re her babies and she’s assisting do everything.”

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