Kylie Jenner Teases Tyga Saying She’s Not Pregnant Or Married Because He’s ‘Slacking’ — Watch

Whoa! Kylie Jenner played a waggish diversion of gossip freeing with beloved Tyga on Feb. 26, and she’s giving him hell for a fact that she’s not married or pregnant! Is she unequivocally serious? Read on for Ky’s crazy comments.

Uh oh, Tyga‘s been “slacking” when it comes to putting a ring on Kylie Jenner, 18, and starting a family. That was her priceless reaction during a live tide with her 26-year-old boyfriend, as they addressed a constant rumors that Kylizzle is knocked up. The span had a fun sell that’s now adult on her website, and you’ll never trust what else she had to contend about apropos a mommy!

While personification a game about rumors aboard his debate bus, Tyga asked a existence star, “Are we pregnant? we consider we need to residence that gossip since we feel like everybody thinks you’re pregnant, and there’s like a new story any day about we being profound and being married and all this crazy stuff…you need to speak about those things.” Ky’s discerning response was , “I’m not pregnant, and I’m not married….cause you’re slacking!” before adding in a “just kidding.” She did however give a VERY large exhibit that she doesn’t wish a baby or a spousal dress though.

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“Cause I’m an infant and a child. And we don’t wish to be married and have a baby right now,” she says strenuously so that we are all VERY transparent on where she stands on a issue. Tyga even tries to make her logic seem that it’s since of her flourishing sovereignty by saying, “No, you’re only a immature lady who’s focused on your career,” before she interrupts him to echo “I’m a baby.” Well fine then! Get Kylie’s lipkit in Dolce K by clicking here.

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Earlier in a video, that was posted to Kylie’s central website, Tyga planted a ton of kisses on Kylizzle’s as she jokingly deadpans, “We hatred any other,” showing off how a dual are still massively in love. So totally cute!  But even some-more intolerable than her comments about not wanting matrimony or babies is her totally makeup giveaway face that has totally damaged out with acne! We can’t trust Ky would uncover off a condition, though she’s cold with it observant that, “I’m violation out, we went to a dermatologist. It’s not fun though it’s something humans have to understanding with.” Oh Kylie, always with such pearls of wisdom!

HollywoodLifers, what shocks we more, that she doesn’t wish a matrimony or a baby, or a fact that she’s fine with display off an acne breakout?