Kylie Jenner Reveals Secret New Tattoo & Its Special Family Meaning — Pic

We all got to see Kylie removing a new tattoo behind on Feb. 10, though she wouldn’t uncover us what she had drawn on her middle arm. Now we finally have a answer, and it’s all about family! Read on to see what her new ink means.

So sweet! This is one tattoo Kylie Jenner will never bewail or wish to erase. The 18-year-old finally revealed what her new square of ink says on Feb. 23 after keeping it secret for several weeks. You’ll be astounded as to that family member she has motionless to respect with a permanent place on her arm, and who came adult with a strange pattern for a art!

“Grandmother’s name in my grandfather’s handwriting,” Kylie captioned a print of the red inked tattoo, that simply says “Mary Jo” after Kris Jenner‘s mom Mary Jo Shannon. It’s so honeyed that she has a representation of her grandpa’s scratch like that, that is created is cursive penmanship. The tone of a tattoo matches a red shade of her lip pack that she named Mary Jo K after her dear grandma. Click here to buy Kylie’s Mary Jo K mouth kit.

“M.J.” as she’s known, is a informed face to anyone who follows a Kardashian/Jenner clan. She’s seemed on their existence uncover Keeping Up With The Kardashians countless times and a 81-year-old also shows up in a girls’ amicable media photos of their visits with Grandma down in San Diego.

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Ky teased us with her new tattoo behind on Feb. 10 in one of her Snapchat videos as she was shown fibbing down with a ink cavalcade screeching away. The intrepid teen didn’t seem to be in any pain, giving a slight laugh on her face as she panned over to a male in a black ball top operative on her arm, who appears to be her favorite tattoo artist, NYC formed Bang Bang. The timing creates clarity too as Kylie had just arrived in New York for Fashion Week when she had a inking done.

She’s gripping with a red theme, as she got a tattoo in a same tone on her hip in Dec. 2015 that reads “sa-ne-te” a.k.a. “Sanity” and a red heart on her top arm, that were also finished by a same artist. But this one is so honeyed and special, it’s really a best one she’s had finished yet!

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HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of Kylie’s honeyed reverence to her Grandparents?