Kylie Jenner Has A ‘Favorite Name’ Picked Out For Her Baby Girl — But Isn’t Telling A Soul!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is substantially intelligent to keep her baby name underneath wraps! Especially given she technically hasn’t even reliable a pregnancy!

According to People, an insider says a 20-year-old KUWTK star already has a “favorite name” for her baby girl due in January!

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The source said:

“Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, though isn’t sharing.”

As distant as how a pregnancy is going, a makeup noble is “doing well” though is reportedly a small nervous:

“She has voiced some concerns about giving [birth] and a recovery, though she isn’t freaking out. It seems some-more like first-time mom concerns.”

In sequence to say her privacy, a youngest KarJenner has been gripping a low form during her home while her baby daddy Travis Scott is out on tour.

The insider explained:

“For all that she wants done, like her nails, she has people come to her house. She frequency leaves her house, and it’s mostly for doctor’s appointments. She is bustling removing a pinkish hothouse ready. She loves to speak about a nursery. She perceived a lot of gifts during her shower, including baby necessities and clothes. She has also bought a lot of things herself. Not wanting to get out much, her concentration has instead been on shopping things online for a baby.”

Her attribute with Travis “is fine,” though has really been a bit of a struggle:

“It’s been tough for Kylie when he is on a highway for his tour. Everyone is anticipating he will be around some-more for a holidays. Kylie needs his support.”

We can usually imagine…

The baby will be here before we know it!

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