Kurt Angle On The Shield’s Future, Favorite WWE Match Of 2017, Who Will Win Women’s Royal Rumble

Earlier today, Kurt Angle did a QA with his fans on Facebook. Here are some of a highlights:

Favorite WWE compare of 2017:

“[Brock] Lesnar vs. [AJ] Styles [at Survivor Series]. Classic!”

The Shield’s future:

“The Shield will come together again. Not right now. Bad timing with Roman [Reigns] removing ill and [Dean] Ambrose removing hurt. There will be another reunion. Promise!”

What compare got him into a categorical eventuality stage during his initial year with WWE:

“The triple hazard contra Triple H and Rock during SummerSlam. It was essential to my pretension run. we got my bell stage in that match, though we toughed by it.”

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Who will win a Women’s Royal Rumble match:

“Nia Jax. Need we explain why?”