Kurt Angle ‘Dreaming’ Of Wrestling Finn Balor; Talks How Much WWE Has Changed From When He Last Left

Source: Metro

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently spoke with a Metro on a far-reaching operation of topics. Below are a integrate of highlights:

How many a WWE has altered from his prior stint:

“I can tell we that it is a totally opposite universe today. They support to a athletes so much, from diet to exercise, including during a buildings. When we was there before we usually had one dish between one and 3 PM, and if we missed it too bad, though now they’re healthy food during a building until a late evening.

“The athletes get drug tested during slightest 4 to 12 times a year to make certain they’re clean, and they have a wellness process where they have to take physicals each year to make certain they can wrestle. If we crash adult your knee and you’re not certain if you’re harm though we wish to go wrestle, we can’t. They’re being some-more protected than contemptible and that’s incredible.”

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Being blown divided by Finn Balor:

“I’ve famous Finn for 10 years since we was wrestling over in Japan when he was there. we remember him as this immature child with a Justin Bieber impression haircut with a hair spinning all over his head. When we came behind to WWE, we didn’t even know he was a same person. He pronounced hi to me a integrate of months ago and we only pronounced hi behind and walked past him. He was like ‘you don’t remember me do you?’ and we was like you’re a child from Japan!

“What he’s been means to do over a past 10 years is incredible, not only wrestling in a youth multiplication in Japan to a heavyweight division, though bringing this impression to life. Finn Balor, a Demon. He has transcended himself to being one of a many renouned wrestlers in a world, and we remember him as a cruiserweight in Japan. You can’t trust how blown divided we am by him.”

“I know that he was categorical eventing a lot of shows in Japan before he came to a United States, and he went by a Dojo stay over there. Wrestling Japanese impression that is really unbending and he was means to tarry it. He’s on tip of a world, one of a tip 3 guys right now and he’s only started. Being means to do a module with him would be awesome.”

“I’m certain he dreamed of wrestling me behind then, now I’m forgetful of wrestling him.”

Angle also strew light on his struggles with drug addiction, how many wrestling had to do with it, because he combined a AngleStrong App and a lot more. Read a whole talk here.

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