Kundali Bhagya 28th Dec 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Karan feels sceptical as he sees Preeta dancing with a stranger

Kundali Bhagya starts with a celebration going on in full pitch as Sherlin and Prithvi plead how they are enjoying all this after so most time. Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) starts angrily staring during Preeta(Shraddha Arya) who is dancing with Nitin. He is grateful when he sees her pulling him divided from holding her waist. He is still indignant to see her dancing. Prithvi is swayed by his crony to go for girl’s confession. Karan stands indignant and unfortunate to leave a party. Prithvi notices Nitin dancing with someone and is surprised. Preeta starts a review with Nitin and asks him about Sherlin. Nitin refrains from revelation her Sherlin’s boyfriend’s name. Nitin yet keeps adult his flirting with Preeta. Preeta somehow tries to shun him and Nitin roughly tells her a name though Karan walks in and drags Preeta divided observant she is his girlfriend. Prithvi joins his girls from a college. They suffer any others association and people provoke Prithvi for someone hidden divided his drink. Their friends ask them about their marriage and they tell them that they are marrying opposite people though will applaud their honeymoon together.

Karan shouts during Preeta for dancing with a stranger. They quarrel on and on as Preeta tells him that she was about to get to a name of Sherlin’s beloved and that is when Karan jumped in. Preeta asks him because Karan was only concentrating on her and not doing any job. Karan says that he did not like a child touching her. Nitin earnings to his friends and they provoke him about dancing with a bizarre lady and they afterwards ask him who a lady was. After a lot of suspicion he remembers her name and says that it is Preeta. Sherlin and Prithvi are both repelled as they pierce away. Prithvi lashes out during Nitin when he catches reason of Sherlin. Preeta starts walking divided and Karan reminds her how he kept saving her everytime as she has this robe of descending in danger. Preeta and Karan quarrel on and on as Preeta finally walks off to have water. Sherlin and Prithvi are really confused about if Preeta is indeed a Preeta they fear of. They now are puzzled that even Karan is their with Preeta. They separate to check as Prithvi breaks something as he walks and Preeta turns as she sees Prithvi and she runs to stop him though Prithvi walks away.

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