Kumkum Bhagya 14 Sep full part created update: Munni is guilty about betraying Abhi and his family

Kumkum Bhagya 14th Sep 2017 full part created update, Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya radio show,Kumkum Bhagya 14th Sep 2017 full part created update, Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya radio show, Kumkum Bhagya 14th Sep 2017 full part created update: Munni is blissful to be withdrawal soon.

Alia starts celebration ethanol a notation she enters her room, while Tanu is seeking her to consider about what she only did. Tanu takes her bottle and throws it on a floor. Alia sits on a building and slits her palm with a damaged pieces of glass. She can't ever let Purab suffer his life when she can't pierce on with a pain of being divided from him.

Disha cries about their residence being broken and feels that she’s a one obliged for this. Purab shares Pragya’s philosophy, that says that a home is done with a members who live in it, and he’s blissful that she’s positively fine.

Munni is examination Abhi component a strain with his guitar. He plays a balance again for her to check if a good. He asks her to assistance him harmonise like she always does. Munni says that she doesn’t know how to assistance him with that so he asks her to make her special coffee that always helped him. Munni doesn’t even know how to make coffee, though she says approbation to it. She is about to leave shortly so she wants to do it good rather than observant no to it. He loves a coffee that she’s done so she offers another cup. He is happy that she’s charity one some-more crater so he asks her to make it.

Purab leaves Disha during a neighbour’s place compartment a time he searches for a new place. She asks what if Dadi calls him and Purab asks her not to plead anything to them. Purab leaves and a lady and her daughter in law go to a kitchen to make tea. Disha overhears them slanderous about her in a kitchen. They plead that Purab is hapless as his newly married mother incited out to be so detrimental for him. Disha feels that they’re right in a opinion about her as she’s not good for Purab. Munni is reminiscing about her memories in a house. She is apologetic and guilty though can't demonstrate this in front of anyone.

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