Kris Jenner Fed Up With Kanye West’s Crazy Outbursts: Fears The Loose Yeezy Cannon Will Destroy Kardashian Empire?

Kris Jenner Fed Up With Kanye West's Crazy Outbursts: Fears The Loose Yeezy Cannon Will Destroy Kardashian Empire?

Kanye West continues to make a dope of himself whenever he logs onto Twitter (or any other height that gives him a energy to send difference out into a world). And there’s one lady tighten to him who, supposedly, has had adequate of his egomaniacal antics. That lady is nothing other than Kris Jenner. We all know that Kris Jenner cares about a Kardashian brand, that golden crow egg of hers, above all else, so when she feels like someone competence be melancholy her family’s destiny success, she’s unequivocally going to let them know it.

If we have been gripping adult with all as of late, afterwards we know Kanye has been unequivocally removing people riled up. He’s been during a core of crazy Twitter feuds/battles with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, continues to ridicule Taylor Swift, was caught in a liaison involving leaked SNL audio, and generally isn’t bashful when it comes to unleashing his opinion.

Kris Jenner competence be starting to consider that this ticking Yeezy time explosve is some-more difficulty than it’s worth. She suspicion that Kim Kardashian marrying him would do good for a family name and a proliferation of her empire, though is she woeful all of that during a moment? Is it time for Kim Kardashian to divorce this Yeeze-ball?

A source tighten to Kris Jenner suggested to People Magazine that “Kris told Kim that she was endangered over his [Kanye’s] outbursts, his tweets and nonessential attention-seeking.” Furthermore, Kris realizes that Kanye isn’t bashful about expressing his ideas – even when it comes to her family. Do we consider she unequivocally wants someone in her OWN round with such lax lips? Who knows what kind of secrets he competence brief during one of his fury filled outbursts!

One of these outbursts that substantially strike a bit too tighten to home for Kris concerned Kylie Jenner and Kylie’s new understanding with Puma. Kanye was austere that Kylie would NEVER be held displaying for code besides his Yeezy collections. So, to contend a least, when that understanding did go by and Kylie (being a judicious business lady she is) chose to variegate her portfolio instead of chaining herself perpetually to a self-destructive Yeezy, Kanye wasn’t too pleased. He’s presumably over it now…but does Kanye unequivocally ever let anything truly go?

Kris has got to be seeking herself: When is all this idiocy with Kanye going to stop? And can he be controlled? What do we consider Kris should do to assistance keep his mouth in check? Is there any indicate – or are a Kardashians stranded with this lax cannon forever?

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