Kris Jenner Dodges Ellen DeGeneres’ Questions About Kylie and Khloé’s Pregnancies: ‘You’re Trying to Trick Me’

Having managed a careers of all 6 of her luminary kids for over a decade, America’s favorite momager Kris Jenner certainly knows how to evasion a tough question.

So it should come as no warn that the 61-year-old Keeping Up with a Kardashians mama was some-more than prepared to avoid Ellen DeGeneres‘ prodding about her profound daughters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner during a revisit to a comedian’s speak uncover on Friday.

As fans know, Kris now has 3 grandchildren on a approach — with Khloé, 33, and Kylie, 20, both profound with their initial child (a child for Khloé with NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson and a lady for Kylie with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott) according to mixed sources. Kim Kardashian West is also awaiting a baby lady (her third child with husband Kanye West) via surrogate. All are due early subsequent year.

Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian
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Only Kim has reliable her pregnancy publically, spilling a beans about her small one on a approach in a 10 year anniversary deteriorate trailer for KUWTK. Khloé and Kylie have remained mum, covering their flourishing baby bumps on amicable media.

That hasn’t stopped DeGeneres from poking fun during a KarJenner baby bang on her daytime show. On Halloween, the  59-year-old Emmy heavenly dressed adult again as the fake Kardashian sister, Karla, and joked that sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were both profound too (The existence stars astounded a assembly and quickly shot down Karla’s konfusion).

Kris Jenner
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

It was that bit that got Kris articulate on Friday. “You are a best daughter since you’re so easy to get along with,” she told DeGeneres, of Karla. “You do make adult a lot of stories though. You got to work on a small fibs.”

“You meant like mentioning [Kourtney and Kendall] are pregnant?” DeGeneres asked. “Alright, they’re not. But we have lots of profound children right now. You do. You have a whole garland of them.”

Kris wasn’t descending for DeGeneres’ bait, “Oh here, we can feel where this is going. She’s perplexing to pretence me into confirming pregnancies….”

But DeGeneres kept things light. “You’re watchful for your uncover to do it, we know that…” she pronounced of Keeping Up with a Kardashians, that has only been renewed for 5 some-more seasons in a whopping $150 million corner media deal.

“You know we get 10 percent!” Kris joked.

Kris Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres

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With Kris branch 62 this weekend, some competence design that retirement would be on a way. But she told PEOPLE on Wednesday that she has no skeleton to delayed down.

“I don’t see myself retiring,” Kris pronounced after entrance off-stage during the WWD Apparel Retail CEO Summit in New York City. “Being bustling and operative tough is instrumental in a long, healthy life. we unequivocally trust that. we consider we have to take caring of yourself and provide yourself good and have treats along a approach and vacations and this and that. But we unequivocally consider that operative unequivocally tough for a prolonged time is important. It’s critical for your mind, physique and spirit.”

And when it comes to distinguished a ethereal change between parenting and managing, Kris has a unequivocally specific approach: “I’m always Mom first,” she said.

“I adore my kids some-more than anything, and it gives me such fun to see that they’re following a trail they love,” she continued. “And they’re all unequivocally intelligent kids with extraordinary work ethics. That creates my pursuit sky since we don’t have to babysit anybody. They’re revelation me, ‘Let’s do more. Faster. Bigger.’ ”

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