Kit Harington Rips Into Donald Trump & Sean Penn!

Kit Harington hates Donald Trump and Sean Penn.

Kit Harington hates Donald Trump as most as a rest of us!

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The Game Of Thrones actor recently spoke to Esquire about a orange villain, expressing his perspective that a male is fundamentally zero though a large aged phony!

He said:

“I trust in experts. Mr. Donald Trump—I wouldn’t call him President, I’ll call him Mister. we consider this male during a conduct of your nation is a criminal artist.”

It was a view echoed by GoT author George R.R. Martin, who said:

“I consider Joffrey is now a aristocrat in America. And he’s grown adult only as testy and undiscerning as he was when he was thirteen in a books.”

Truly good comparison!

But it’s not only Republicans who massage a 30-year-old a wrong way. He was also not a fan of Sean Penn and a magnanimous actor’s impasse in a Falklands, when he pounded British tenure of a islands. Kit said:

“[It was] irritating when Sean Penn motionless to get concerned in a Falklands. we was like, ‘It has zero to do with you, Sean Penn. Fuck off.'”

Obviously Kit has some clever domestic views, and it’s lovely that he’s not fearful to pronounce on them.

He’s totally right about Trump!

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