Kim Porter’s Death Is Now Under ‘Additional Investigation’ After Completion Of Autopsy

Kim Porter‘s autopsy might have been finished this week, though there are still copiousness of questions over what led to her death.

The 47-year-old indication and singer has strictly had her means of genocide “deferred” as a Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office job for “additional investigation” to figure out because she upheld this week.

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This news comes out per E! Online, as we continue to learn some-more about a treacherous and capricious environment over what might have caused Porter’s genocide during her Toluca Lake, California home on Thursday. Detectives have said, however, that they do not think tainted play.

Plans for a commemorative have not nonetheless been publicly announced. For now, investigators will continue to try to find out what happened to Porter, who had reportedly been treated for pneumonia before to her death. So confusing… and so sad.

Our thoughts sojourn with her, Diddy, their children, and all a rest of Porter’s family, friends, and desired ones.

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