Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Attend John Legend’s Decadent 40th Birthday Bash

John Legend only incited 40 and his pals Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were on palm for all a revelry!

The Keeping adult with a Kardashians star rolled into a celebration in a perfect getup featuring elaborate floral elaboration and a prolonged black dress with a full-length slit. Her rapper father chose black boots, gray slacks and a black short-sleeve button-up underneath a fur cloak for a luxe gathering.

The celebration had a James Bond theme, so naturally a male of a hour rocked a white tuxedo with a black bowtie for a evening’s activities, that enclosed him, his mother Chrissy Teigen, Kim and her hubby all posing for some incredible photos that conjure a intemperate gambling scenes in Casino Royale. The 38-year-old existence star even stretched out on chips and income for some of a snaps.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Before entering a party, Kim also offering fans a glance during a opening to a gathering, that enclosed “0040” spelled out, all good as a gateway of flowers that all attendees walked through.

As for a Teigen, she chose a stimulating bullion sleeveless dress for her hubby’s shindig, that she proudly displayed on her Instagram Story. She also showed what her kids — Luna, 2, and Miles, 7 months — wore for the useful occasion. The former sported a fun white-and-gold stimulating dress with a frilly dress while a family’s newest member had dual lil tuxedos, one with a black coupler and one with a white jacket, for a evening. Naturally, Teigen had her Twitter supporters decide.

Chrissy Teigen
Luna Stephens

She also offering a proudest shout-out to her honey, pity several photos of Legend with his family along with this touching caption: “Happy 40th birthday to a many implausible man. The best father, hardest worker, best lover, best crony we could ever imagine. Every day we am beholden for how most we adore us and how most we both contend it and uncover it. You are one of a kind. we am beholden to your family for formulating and lifting such a pure, sweet, shining man. The universe has been sanctified by your 40 years on this planet. we adore you. we showed we that this morning BOOYAHHHH.”

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