Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in ‘Full-On Nesting Mode’: ‘They’re Acting Like First-Time Parents,’ Says Source

Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West are in “full-on nesting mode” as they get prepared for their third child.

“They are both so vehement about a baby,” a source tighten to a rapper tells PEOPLE. “They speak all a time. All he does is content Kim when they’re not together. They’re creation so many plans.”

The couple hired a broker in June. They reliable final month that surrogate is pregnant. (The integrate are already relatives to son Saint, 21 months, and daughter North, who turned 4 in June.)

“They check in with [the surrogate] all a time, only to see how things are going,” says a insider. “In some ways, they’re behaving like initial time relatives since they’re so excited.”

For West, 40, a fad means  shopping. “Kanye is shopping things for a baby: things for a nursery, toys, onesie,” says a source. “He’s substantially nesting some-more than Kim is!” 

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The integrate went by some dim days final year — she was robbed in Paris; he had a mental breakdown. But now that they’re awaiting a daughter, a integrate is entering a happy time of their life.

“This baby is a godsend to them,” says a source. “After their severe year, his problems and all their stuff, they indispensable this reset. They recognizes that this pregnancy is a present from God, and they’re only so grateful.”