Kim Jong-nam murder: Women beg not guilty in Malaysia trial

Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong (L) and Indonesian Siti Aishah are seen in this multiple pictureImage copyright

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Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong (left) and Indonesian Siti Aisyah (right) are indicted of murdering Mr Kim

Two women have pleaded not guilty to murdering Kim Jong-nam, a half-brother of North Korea’s leader, as their hearing in Malaysia got underneath way.

The contemptuous inlet of his killing, regulating the rarely poisonous VX haughtiness agent as he waited for a moody during Kuala Lumpur airfield in February, repelled a world.

Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, 29, and Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, are indicted of rubbing a chemical on his face.

The span contend it was a TV antic and they were duped by North Korean agents.

Pyongyang has denied any impasse in a killing, though in justice prosecutors pronounced that 4 group – believed to be a anxiety to 4 North Koreans who fled Malaysia a same day – were also suspects in a killing.

The occurrence led to a sour tactful quarrel and strained a once considerate ties between North Korea and Malaysia, that diminished any other’s ambassadors.

What happened during court?

The hearing has been 8 months in a creation and a dual women are a usually suspects indeed charged so distant with a murder of Kim Jong-nam.

With their heads bent and wearing shackles and bullet-proof vests, a women walked past a society of reporters collected outward a justice in Shah Alam, outward Kuala Lumpur.

After a charges were review to them in justice in Indonesian and Vietnamese, a dual women entered their pleas by interpreters.

If found guilty, a women face a genocide penalty. Their counterclaim lawyers are approaching to disagree that a genuine culprits are North Korean agents, who left Malaysia.

Media captionWhy was North Korea’s Kim Jong-nam killed?

But in his opening remarks, a prosecutor pronounced he aims to infer that a women, along with 4 people still during large, had a “common intention” to kill Mr Kim.

He pronounced a women had carried out use runs in Kuala Lumpur selling malls before a attack, underneath a “supervision” of a 4 people, who were not named in court.

Dozens of witnesses, including airfield staff who came into hit with Mr Kim, are approaching to take a mount in a hearing that will run for weeks.

Why was a murder so shocking?

The murder is important for a perfect audacity, holding place as it did mid-morning in full perspective of confidence cameras during Kuala Lumpur’s airport.

On 13 Feb a dual women were seen threading by crowds of people and accosting Mr Kim, before rubbing their hands on his face.

Media captionThe CCTV footage shows a lady in white lunging during a man

Then there was a speed with that Mr Kim died. Immediately after a conflict he sought assistance from airfield staff, who led him to a clinic, though he collapsed and died only mins later.

After a autopsy examination, Malaysian authorities announced he had been killed by VX, a venom so fatal that it is personal as a arms of mass drop by a United Nations.

How is North Korea involved?

The dual women, who were arrested days after a killing, have insisted that they were duped by North Koreans into holding partial in what they suspicion was a TV prank. Four North Korean group who fled Malaysia shortly after a occurrence are believed to suspects. Interpol released “red notices” for their detain in March.

Malaysia has named and questioned other North Koreans in propinquity to a case.

But authorities also authorised 3 of them to leave a nation in late March, in lapse for North Korea releasing 9 Malaysian diplomats and their families.

  • All a categorical players in a puzzling killing

What does a box tell us about North Korea?

Mr Kim, who was in his mid-40s, was a disloyal comparison half-brother of North Korean personality Kim Jong-un.

At a time of his death, he was believed to have been vital in self-imposed outcast in Macau and was suspicion to have had some links to China.

Some trust he was killed since he was seen as a intensity leader-in-waiting, and therefore a hazard to his younger brother, though many analysts have discharged this.

As with most concerning North Korea, a genuine motivations behind Mr Kim’s murder are approaching to sojourn unclear.