Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand supervision for damages

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Kim Dotcom

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Kim Dotcom, graphic here with Elizabeth Dotcom on his marriage day, is suing a New Zealand supervision for indemnification over a raid of his palace in 2012

Kim Dotcom, a owner of file-sharing site Megaupload, is suing a New Zealand supervision for billions of dollars in indemnification over his detain in 2012.

The internet businessman is fighting extradition to a US to mount conference for copyright transgression and fraud.

Mr Dotcom says an shabby detain aver negated all charges opposite him.

He is seeking indemnification for drop to his business and detriment of reputation.

Accountants calculate that a Megaupload organisation of companies would be value $10bn (£7.2bn) today, had it not been tighten down during a raid.

As he was a 68% shareholder in a business, Mr Dotcom has asked for indemnification going adult to $6.8bn. He is also deliberation holding identical movement opposite a Hong Kong government.

As settled in documents filed with a High Court, Mr Dotcom is also seeking indemnification for:

  • all mislaid business opportunities given 2012
  • his authorised costs
  • loss of investments he done to a palace he was renting
  • his mislaid eventuality to squeeze a mansion
  • loss of reputation

“I can't be approaching to accept all a waste to myself and my family as a outcome of a movement of a New Zealand government,” he told a BBC.

“This should never have happened and they should have famous better. And since they done a antagonistic mistake, there is now a indemnification box to be answered.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Radio New Zealand: “This has apparently been an ongoing matter, so no it doesn’t warn me.”

Key evidence

Mr Dotcom’s pivotal evidence over his extradition is a warrants used for a raid on his palace and detain in Jan 2012 were formed on Section 131 of a 1994 Copyright Act of New Zealand.

“Under a NZ copyright act, online copyright transgression is not a crime,” pronounced Mr Dotcom.

92B of Section 131 – an amendment combined by council in 2012 – prohibits any rapist permit opposite an internet use provider in New Zealand.

“In sequence for a US to be successful with an extradition, a explain of a crimes that they are charging someone with also have to be a crime in a nation from that they ask a extradition.”

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Kim Dotcom

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A $500,000 video-editing height that was shop-worn after being seized by a Hong Kong government

On 16 January, Mr Dotcom announced that he had perceived dual containers value of his resources that had been expelled by a Hong Kong government.

“It’s about $2m value of engineer seat and high-tech stuff,” he said.

“But many frustrating is a detriment of a family repository of 800 hours of video, a birth of my children, birthdays, holidays – it’s unequivocally sad.”

Fighting extradition

Mr Dotcom is still fighting extradition, and a subsequent conference for a box will be in a Appeals Court on 20 February.

In December, Mr Dotcom requested a authorised examination into his case. The US practical to have a arguments he done for his box to be reviewed struck out.

High Court decider Timothy Brewer deserted 7 of a 8 arguments since he pronounced a High Court was not a place to move adult a authorised review, however he felt that Mr Dotcom did have a case.

“Given a context of a application, and acknowledging Mr Dotcom’s submissions summarized above, we accept there is a pretty tenable box that a district justice decider did not have reasonable drift to trust that a corruption for that Mr Dotcom is sought is an extradition offence,” he wrote in the judgement.

Mr Dotcom intends to lift a authorised examination during a Appeals Court conference in February.

Marriage and ICO

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Kim Dotcom

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From left: Kobi, Carmel (Elizabeth’s mother), Elizabeth, Kim Dotcom, Kimmo, twins Keera and Kylee, Rudi (Kim Dotcom’s mother’s partner), Kaylo, Annelie (Kim Dotcom’s mother) and dog Toby

On Saturday 20 Jan – a sixth anniversary of a raid – Mr Dotcom married Elizabeth Donnelly in a private marriage rite in Auckland.

“Liz and we got married on a sixth anniversary of a raid so that this special day will always be a happy anniversary in a future,” he said.

His new micro-payments business, Bitcache, is also scheming to launch an initial silver charity (ICO) in a subsequent 3 months, underwritten by crowdfunding investment height Bank To The Future.

Due to a ongoing authorised box opposite him, a ICO will not be open to residents of a US.

Mr Dotcom says that he is apart from Bitcache to safeguard that it can't be tighten down in a eventuality that he is extradited and attempted in a US.

Nevertheless, he says a indemnification box is essential to stealing a detriment of repute that has done it formidable for him to do business in many countries.

“That’s since it’s all so critical that we transparent my name and all a charges are forsaken and this indemnification explain goes ahead,” he said.

“I don’t wish to be seen as what a US supervision charges me as.”

The charges opposite Kim Dotcom

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Kim Dotcom

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CCTV footage of a raid on Kim Dotcom’s palace on 20 Jan 2012

The US Department of Justice has pronounced Mr Dotcom and his associates enabled copyright transgression by vouchsafing users store pirated files in giveaway cloud lockers.

Users posted links to a pirated calm for others to download free, though Megaupload would not tighten down lockers containing infringing content.

Mr Dotcom has prolonged argued that he did not assist robbery since he had a takedown complement that enabled copyright holders to undo links to pirated files, and but a link, a user could not strech a file.

US authorities contend Mr Dotcom and others cost film studios and record companies some-more than $500m (£322m) in mislaid earnings, while creation during slightest $175m for themselves.