Kevin’s Wife Responds To Jason’s Disgusting Rape Joke On ‘Big Brother’

Kevin’s mom is definitely not excellent with Jason’s fun that aired on a live feeds of ‘Big Brother’ — and overall, she blames Jason for how dizzy a mellow has gotten!


This season’s biggest Big Brother scandal is usually stealing some-more intense. CBS never aired a vast comments finished by Jason Denthe joked about raping Kevin Schlehuber‘s wife and origination his children watch — yet Kevin’s mom saw them on a live feeds.

Kevin, 56, and his wife, Deborah, have 6 daughters and one son together; Deborah, a neonatal nurse, is definitely livid over a comments. She told TMZ she’s “deeply disturbed” by Jason and hearing him contend that fun while huge adult was “the worse thing she’s ever seen.” She also conspicuous that while her father did pointer adult for Big Brother, yet she and her family did not.


Jason, 38, usually found out last week on a show that his mom is available their second child. His family took to Twitter following a fun that went viral on gentle media; they apologized and conspicuous that while “those remarks are not tolerable underneath any circumstance,” they do feel they were “slightly out of context.” Deborah “called BS” on that, mindful no matter what a circumstances, Kevin would never contend something like that.

Deborah also conspicuous Jason was graceful many to condemnation for how dizzy this mellow has spin — and we can’t countermand that it is pretty ugly. Plus, this isn’t a initial time Jason has been hold on a live feeds mindful something greatly out of line. Earlier this season, he finished light of ardent conflict when deliberating a digest to backdoor Raven, joking he would “hold a sh– out of her while we guys take turns.”

CBS has nonetheless to critique on a scandal.

HollywoodLifers, do we cruise CBS should atmosphere these? Do we cruise he should be sent home? Let us know.

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