Kevin Owens On Struggles After Joining NXT, Dean Ambrose’s Dusty Rhodes Impression, ROH Departure

Source: EC’s Pod Of Awesomeness

As before noted, former WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens was recently a guest on EC’s Pod Of Awesomeness. Among many other things, Owens discussed his depart from Ring Of Honor, afterwards famous professionally by his birth name, Kevin Steen. Also, Owens talked about transitioning to a WWE Performance Center and operative underneath a origin of WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Additionally, Owens suggested that WWE Superstar does a “great” sense of Rhodes.

In 2010, a new regime during ROH wanted Owens, and Sami Zayn, before famous as El Generico, out of a company. During those formidable times, Owens continued to accept his family’s support, that fuelled him to continue on in his pro wrestling odyssey.

“After a integrate of years, in 2010, Ring Of Honor went by a change in government and a people that came in and took over kind of motionless that they wanted to lift me out. They weren’t fans. Me and Sami both. They weren’t fans of ours and they usually felt that we weren’t contributing to a product a approach we felt we were. Pretty most each fan examination was into a stuff, though a people in assign weren’t.”

Owens added, “[a supposed ‘nine-to-five job’] was never for me and my mother knew that. She always upheld me and told me, ‘you need to keep going and you’re going to get there.’ And we did. And her support was instrumental, as good as my parents. They were always there and always believed in me.”

When Owens finally arrived during a WWE Performance Center to start training for his NXT run, he was not certain who WWE wanted him to be.

“When we got to a Performance Center, we wasn’t sure… So we knew who we was. I’ve famous who I’ve been as a performer for a prolonged time, though we wasn’t sure, when we got to a Performance Center, if that’s what they wanted me to be. All we know is William Regal came to a PWG uncover in California, saw me wrestle, and we was offering a audition and that whole routine took a small while, took a integrate of months.”

Owens continued, “I got to a Performance Center a integrate of months after and we still wasn’t certain who they wanted me to be in a approach since we did a tryout, we cut a promo a approach we talk, we didn’t try to be anybody opposite when we was slicing a promo, and as distant as, like, we did a small compare there and we wrestled a compare my approach solely for some reason they had me, during a time, we was always flattering most a heel and they had me work as a babyface, so that kind of felt weird. So even in a match, we wrestled my possess style, though we wasn’t being myself. And we had, like, this is WWE in my conduct and ‘I can’t go in my shorts and my cutoff t-shirt’. we had a good singlet made. we wrestled in a singlet, that was totally not me during that time since we wrestled in a singlet 15 years ago, 10 years ago, whatever it was, 12 years ago, on a independents. But then, eventually, we transitioned into a some-more travel fight-looking rigging and that was unequivocally some-more me. But in my head, ‘I can’t combat in WWE in travel fight-looking gear,’ so we wasn’t certain that tools of a audition they had liked: was it a promo that was wholly me or if they were they like, ‘no, it’s a approach he wrestled’. Like, my mind was kind of personification tricks on me since nobody’s revelation me anything petrify and everybody has opinions. Everybody during a Performance Center is perplexing to assistance we in their possess approach and they give we their opinion on what they consider will work or what they consider we should do.

According to Owens, podcast co-host Christian and Rhodes gave him a certainty he indispensable to be himself.  

“[Christian] kind of told me, ‘look, you’ve usually got to be you’ and that resonated with me. And then, over time, we got to know Dusty Rhodes better. And Dusty and we got closer and closer and Dusty echoed a same thing, so that unequivocally went a prolonged approach in me removing a certainty to usually be me. And it’s accurately like [Christian] said, if we go too far, they’ll lift we back, though we don’t wish to [not go distant enough]. Yeah, exactly. You don’t wish to be too wavering and not give all we could give. Then, we competence be holding behind something that they could love.”

KO went on to contend that nobody shabby him in such a brief time a approach Rhodes did.

“I usually got to work with Dusty for 10 months from a time we got to a Performance Center and afterwards compartment a time we got called adult on a road. And about a month later, he upheld away. But, man, a time we had with Dusty is useful and I’m so grateful for it. we was advantageous to learn from a lot of people via my career, though nobody done as most of an impact in such a brief time on me as Dusty did.”

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Apparently, RAW Superstar Dean Ambrose does such a good sense of Rhodes that it amenities Owens when he misses ‘The American Dream’.  

“You know who [has] got a good Dusty impersonation, by a way, is Dean Ambrose? It’s unbelievable. Like, apparently now he’s on RAW and I’m on SmackDown, so I’m not around him that most and before that, he was on SmackDown and we was on RAW, so we haven’t been around him for a year-and-a-half, roughly dual years, maybe, though anytime he would bust it out when we were on a same brand, it would actually, no joke, make me feel, like if we tighten your eyes, we feel like you’re in a room with Dusty, a approach he talked. we swear. we never told Dean this since he substantially would have suspicion it was unequivocally weird, though when he would do a Dusty impersonation, it done me feel good since it felt like a small bit of Dusty. It’s weird, though he’s so good!” Owens explained, “it’s unequivocally good. And it’s not usually his voice. It’s a approach he speaks, even a stories he tells because, obviously, he was around Dusty a lot, so he [has] got a stories down and everything! It’s positively fantastic. we like Dean a lot, though it’s unequivocally my favorite thing about him, his Dusty impersonation.”

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