Kevin Nash On Why A Match With CM Punk Never Happened

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Kevin Hash’s lapse to a WWE in 2011 clearly had him staid for a argument with CM Punk, though a dual never finished adult confronting any other in a ring. In a new part of a X-Pac 12360 podcast, Nash finally non-stop adult about since that compare never came to fruition.

Nash had seemed during SummerSlam in 2011 and pounded Punk, that led to Alberto Del Rio cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase and winning a WWE Championship. Punk afterwards cut a sardonic promo on Nash a subsequent night on RAW, creation fun of his age. Nash pronounced it burnished him a wrong way.

“I don’t know if Punk wanted [the match] to happen. To me, when we came back, we never had been there when we was handed a book where here was my book and we had to follow it,” Nash said. “I’m reading a book and in a book he is burying me and we have no rebuttal, and we know, Paul [Triple H] is one of my best friends on earth, and anything that we do, like a aged Kevin Nash would say–because in my mind, when we review that, and if we remember a scenario, a unfolding was that we came down and stranded Punk and Del Rio came down and took a Money in a Bank and took his belt, so he comes out a subsequent Monday and cuts this promo, giggle out shrill that he listened we was dead, click, click, click your knees. Then we suspicion to myself, let me get this straight, we cost we a title, and we are going to do stand-up comedy and bury me since I’m old?”

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Nash eventually wound adult in a argument with Triple H, culminating in a ladder compare during TLC 2011. Nash pronounced he was irritated by Punk’s opinion toward a inlet of a promo. Punk seemed to be dispassionate about regulating personal insults since he suspicion Nash should be used to things like that after being in a business for so long. Nash was so angry that he reached a indicate of wanting to physically conflict Punk, though he knew he had to toe a line.

“First thing in my mind was, since he told me that this isn’t 1997 anymore and I’m a man that called Eddie Guerrero a Vanilla Midget; and we was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, series one appreciate God it’s not 1997 since if it was 1997 right now we would be out with a outlines in a throng and not station here since we didn’t concede a outlines to combat behind then,” Nash said. “Number two, we am old, so we have dual options; possibly we go in a back—I’ll give we three, we go in a behind and call it a day, second, we wait for me to get adult there and apologize to me, or third, off book let’s see what we got. we would have desired to have seen what he would have finished if we only went adult and bear clawed him right to a face; though Paul was a boss.”

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