Kendall Jenner Wants You To Know She Definitely Will Not Trade In Her Modeling Career For Photography So Stop Asking, OK?!

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Methinks a lady doth criticism too much…???

Kendall Jenner was out during a Harper’s Bazaar 150 Most Fashionable Women eventuality final night when she was asked about a photography skills she’s been display off lately, and either she’d trade in her displaying life to be some-more of a photographer.

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But no, don’t get your hopes adult if we wanted to see some-more of Kendall as a photographer — displaying is still, like, totally her life!

She close that down immediately in a response (below):

Does Kendall Jenner cite being behind a camera rather than in front of it?

“No, no, no, no, it’s really still a lot some-more modeling. I’m nonstop. But [photography is] only something we like to do that I’m pursuing, we guess.”


Well then.

Obviously, Kendall is during a tip of a displaying diversion right now, so it’d be flattering crazy of her to leave it all behind…

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But if you’ve watched her famous fam at all, we know she’s really the many quiet, many under-stated one of a organisation who seeks to step divided from a limelight as most as she can…

Oh, and she is SUPER disreputable with a things in her life.

Just a small something to keep in mind for when she starts photographing other models in another integrate years! Ha!!!

[Image around News Pictures/WENN.]

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