KeepVid bits YouTube-ripping duty in foster of authorised approach

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A renouned website that let people save or “rip” videos from services such as YouTube has suddenly incited into a copyright advocacy site.

KeepVid let people download copies of videos that could not strictly be saved from YouTube, Vimeo and others.

But a use has now been private from a website and transposed by a page of superintendence on terms and conditions.

The vernacular used suggests it has now turn wakeful of authorised restrictions on downloading from pity sites.

Journey of discovery

In an refurbish to a website, KeepVid pronounced it had detected that ripping videos from YouTube was opposite a site’s terms and conditions.

“KeepVid unveils that users aren’t authorised to download videos from YouTube,” it said.

It suggested that “there are many video-sharing sites in a market” and offering to “introduce” visitors to services such as Netflix and Spotify.

It pronounced it had “found out” that Netflix was “a really renouned place to watch and download videos to your computer”.

Download by subscription

KeepVid was mostly a tip hunt outcome for people who were looking for a approach to slice videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

For a infancy of videos, YouTube does not offer an central approach for people to download and keep them.

However, subscribers to a reward tier, YouTube Red, can download videos to watch offline within a YouTube app.

KeepVid operated a use for giveaway on a website and by paid program called KeepVid Pro. Both services have been discontinued.

The association has not explained because it has motionless to tighten a service. However, it pronounced it hoped a video marketplace would be “organised to accommodate people’s requirements”.

“Video downloading will turn probable if a video download collection and video pity platforms strech an agreement about downloading videos,” it said.