Kavacham film review: A deeply formulaic potboiler that tests the patience

Kavacham film review
Kavacham film review Kavacham film review: This film is a potboiler finished by a book as a filmmakers have attempted to play really safe.

Kavacham film cast: Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kajal Aggarwal, Mehreen Pirzada.
Kavacham film director: Sreenivas Mamilla
Kavacham film rating: 1 star

Director Sreenivas Mamilla has desperately attempted to greatfully a assembly with his entrance film Kavacham, that means shield. It is a potboiler finished by a book as a filmmakers have attempted to play really protected anticipating one of a many pointless things in a film will miraculously click with a audience. But, as a correct male once said, “the process of being too discreet is a biggest risk of all.”

Kavacham is deeply harmed and formulaic. And, we can live with that. But a filmmakers need to stop being ignorant about how CCTV cameras work. Come on, 2019 is roughly here and a filmmakers still can’t uncover us how a footage prisoner on CCTV camera looks like? In one scene, a “CCTV footage” shows a inside perspective of a abductor loading his plant into a automobile boot.

Here is a fun fact about a CCTV camera that could come in accessible for filmmakers a subsequent time. The thing about confidence cameras is generally they are mounted during aloft places. In other words, a cameras are commissioned several feet above a belligerent level. So it’s doubtful that we will find a mid-shot, low-angle shot, low-angle close-up shot, while combing by CCTV footage. Why do we consider it is called “eye in a sky”? It is for a really same reason. And we am really certain that we won’t find a CCTV camera in a marketplace that could constraint a inside perspective of a automobile boot.

As distant as a story goes, Kavacham doesn’t have anything uninformed to offer. It is only a star-vehicle that is dictated to boost a immature career of Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. He plays a patrolman called Vijay. Is he attractive in military uniform? Check. Is he an “honest” military officer? Check. Does he quarrel goons single-handedly? Check. Does he cocktail adult each time, any place, where a lady is in distress? Check. Is he good during priesthood dignified values? Check. Does he himself follow a despotic dignified code? Nah. When he is pushed to a limits, a favourite could flex his probity like his bicep muscles.

An introduction song, a few fights, a regretful strain later, Vijay gets into low trouble. He needs 50 lakh rupees, in further to 5 lakh rupees from his insurance, for an operation to save his harmed mother. Samyuktha (Mehreen) comes adult with a cracker of a plan. She asks him to theatre her abduction and ask her millionaire uncle to compensate up. Our “honest” military officer jumps during her offer though meditative too much. And that’s a evidence for Neil Nitin Mukesh’s entry. He is introduced in a half-heartedly stoical scene, that is a bad riposte of a renouned theatre in Velaikkaran (2017).

Neil is expel in what is ostensible to be a critical purpose though towards a end, his impression is reduced to zero though a clown. In Tamil films, arm-candy heroines, who will regularly do foolish things to make a heroes demeanour smarter than them, are described as ‘loosu ponnu.’ In a same vein, we can call Neil a ‘loosu villain.’ Neil’s impression also does all arrange of foolish things to make a favourite demeanour stronger, smarter and sharper.

What does Kajal Aggarwal do in a film we ask? Oh, she is only one of a damsels in distress. And she also promotes a banking product explaining how to supplement beneficiaries to your online account, and other facile contribution about transferring income by internet banking. No, we am not kidding. The executive blends in what seems like a product chain in a film so good that it saves a heroine’s life even as a theatre looks really silly.

You also find several code placements via a film. But a categorical code that a filmmakers wanted to sell by Kavacham was Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. He is easy on eyes, we give him that. But, to make a symbol in a industry, he needs to start picking good scripts that offer something to a assembly for their money.