Kate Middleton Fears State Visit To India Comparisons to Princess Diana

Kate Middleton Fears State Visit To India Comparisons to Princess Diana

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s state revisit to India will take place in April. Is this central Royal revisit an try to save a Duchess and Duke of Cambridge’s allegedly crumbling marriage? Does Kate Middleton fear a same predestine in matrimony as Princess Diana gifted with intrigue Prince Charles?

April is a poetic month for roving and generally good for a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! The integrate will applaud their fifth matrimony anniversary on Apr 29. And surprise, surprise, a destiny King and Queen are headed to India in April!

It has already been reported that Prince William and Princess Kate will be photographed in front of a Taj Mahal. Royal insiders assure us that Kate Middleton will not be photographed looking waste and lost in front of a iconic reverence to love.

But a universe is wondering – will a Duchess of Cambridge finish adult in a identical poise as Princess Diana? And if so, is it an denote that a Cambridge matrimony is as most of a sham as a Wales’? Not prolonged after a print of Princess Diana was taken in 1992 it was announced that Prince Charles and Princess of Wales had motionless to separate.

Let’s quick brazen to Dec 2016, shall we? Will Queen Elizabeth emanate a matter that it is with complicated hearts a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have motionless to separate? Is visiting a Taj Mahal a abuse for Royal couples?

There has been most conjecture about a state of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage. Photos have been scrutinized looking for any pointer of unhappiness. Reports exhibit that Duchess Kate is ashamed by Prince William’s decrease hairline and has demanded a second-in-line to a bench get a hair transplant or a matrimony is over.

Is a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s outing to India a second honeymoon or an try to deliver a couple’s marriage? Will Duchess Kate make certain she is photographed in front of a Taj Mahal in a identical poise as Princess Diana as a not-so-subtle idea per a state of a Cambridge’s marriage?

Let us know what we consider in a comments territory next and come behind to CDL for a latest Royal Family news.

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