Karan Johar reveals his biggest ‘Hichki’: we was teased since we sounded like a girl

karan joharkaran johar Karan Johar recently suggested that he was bullied when he was younger since of his ‘feminine’ voice.

Despite being one of a many successful personalities of a country, executive and writer Karan Johar recently certified that he was done to feel “lesser” when he was younger. In a contention with Hichki star Rani Mukerji, Karan certified that he felt “different” since he had a rather ‘feminine’ voice.

“When we was a child, there were many Hichki moments. The one that we wouldn’t have altered today, is that we had a really girlish voice when we was a child. we had a really squeaky voice and we used to get teased a lot”, Karan said.

“Sometimes in my building, or during propagandize by seniors, or when we went to inter-school competitions, we would get teased about being a pansy. So when we began college, we went into open speaking. A gentleman, who used to control open vocalization classes, Mr Nazareth, told me that we are really unwavering of your voice. When we told him that we used to feel ungainly about my voice, he pronounced that we should never be ashamed of who we am. And afterwards to urge my voice (it’s texture), he worked out a course. So for 3 years, we would go to him and his wife, thrice a week and they gave me debate training. It helped me pronounce and plan and sight my voice to find baritone. But we only feel like today, we would not change how we sounded. we wouldn’t do what we did and we wouldn’t make my children do a same”, he serve added.

The makers of Hichki are compelling their arriving play by seeking renouned personalities about a biggest jump they faced in their lives. Rani has also oral to her attention friends, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, about a ‘Hichki’ moments of their lives.

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Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and constructed by Maneesh Sharma, Hichki is set to strike a large shade on Mar 23.

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