Kamal Hassan on Dileep row: we support a mount taken by WCC

Kamal Haasan on AMMAKamal Haasan on AMMA AMMA has a subsidy of Kamal Haasan.

Tamil luminary Kamal Haasan has voiced his support for a mount taken by Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) in a ongoing quarrel involving embattled actor Dileep. Talking during a media conference in Kochi recently, Kamal opined that a Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) should have hold a contention with a members of WCC before reinstating Dileep’s membership.

“Dileep should have been taken behind usually after a discussion. we support a mount taken by a WCC,” Kamal told Manorama News.

Kamal is a latest to demonstrate his oneness with WCC that has put AMMA in a tight-spot after it motionless to concede Dileep to join a actors’ physique even as he was confronting justice trials in a abduction and passionate conflict of a womanlike actor. Dileep is a 8 indicted in a case.

It is value observant that Kamal was one of a initial heading superstars to honour a members of WCC when it was shaped final year in a issue of a conflict on a womanlike actor.

The WCC has taken a clever mount on several issues involving women members of Malayalam uncover business. Recently, a women’s common also slammed Mohanlal for justifying a preference on Dileep.

Earlier, 100 members of a Malayalam film companionship and about 50 high-profile celebrities of a Kannada film attention had released seperate letters criticising AMMA. Some even demanded a executive members to step down, besides revoking Dileep’s membership.

Mohanlal recently pronounced that Dileep is not partial of a organisation as he has refused to come behind into a overlay until he is proven trusting in a justice of a law.

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