Kaley Cuoco Says Ryan Sweeting ‘Ruined’ The Word Marriage For Her — But Here’s The Silver Lining

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

When one doorway closes, another doorway opens.

As we might remember, Kaley Cuoco separate from her initial father Ryan Sweeting only 21 months after they tied a knot. In a new emanate of Cosmo, a Big Bang Theory singer pronounced that her ex “completely changed” around a march of their relationship, withdrawal her uncertain if she’d ever travel down a aisle again.

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That is, until she met her fiancé Karl Cook!

While opening adult about her prior nuptials, a 32-year-old revealed:

“I overtly suspicion we wouldn’t get married again. My ex busted that word for me. we married someone a initial time who totally changed. The chairman we finished adult with was not a chairman we creatively met. And that wasn’t my fault—that was his. we knew how most we had to give and how most we wanted to receive. we knew we only had to be patient…I had to go by a lot of things, though it brought me to Karl.”

Now, she looks happier than ever! Everything happens for a reason!

See a cover shot from a fire (below)!!

A beaut!

[Image around Brian To/WENN.]

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