Kalakalapu 2 film review: There is zero to hearten about in this Sundar C film

kalakalappu-2 reviewkalakalappu-2 review Kalakalappu 2 film review: Kalakalapu 2 is a collection of boring, aged and unfunny jokes that we are somehow approaching to accept as a comic caper.

Kalakalapu 2 film cast: Jiiva, Jai, Shiva, Nikki Galrani, Catherine Tresa
Kalakalapu 2 film director: Sundar C
Kalakalapu 2 film rating: 1.5 stars

Disclaimer: A diatribe from a unhappy cinephile

In Tamil, Kalakalapu meant complacency or cheerfulness. But there is positively zero in Kalakalapu 2 to hearten about. Nor is complacency a feeling that a film leaves we with as we travel out of a theater. Kalakalapu 2 is a collection of boring, aged and unfunny jokes that we are somehow approaching to accept as a comic caper.

Essentially, all elements of Kalakalapu are benefaction in this supplement as well. A bequest establishment that is in ruin, dual group with financial problems, a dog that steals things, a moneylender who is conveniently used as a pawn, a heroine who is a open central and a family that doesn’t accept a relationship. But what done a initial installment work is that there was some bid to get us invested in a story — a eminent cafeteria in need of a apocalyptic makeover. However, here we start with a presumably indignant Raghu (Jai) who is about to kill his father. His annoy and a story he says about his father seem as feign as a blade he carried in his hand. The humour is detrimentally run-down and outdated.

At a risk of sounding like a fasten recorder, we have to speak about a women in Kalakalapu 2. The prequel did have a share of problems though during slightest it was in moderation. The follow-up is unabashedly opportunistic about a women characters. Catherine Tresa, who looks like she has only stepped out of a parlour, manages a traveller vessel service. She lives in Kasi though wears prohibited pants and waist-slit tops that upsurge around when required to uncover chiseled abs. Nikki Galrani, on a other hand, is a Tahsildar who teaches dance as a hobby. If that doesn’t sound absurd enough, she also wears sleeveless blouses and low-waist sarees since how else will a Tahsildar dress, right? Both of them are conveniently brought in to dance for a songs including a cringeworthy object number.

Chaos has been Sundar.C’s forte. The executive has been really good in doing pell-mell scripts in a past where a tract invariably moves behind and forth, finale in a high-activity climax. The room consummate from Ullathai Allitha is a classic. But, he takes it a bit too distant in Kalakalapu 2. The tract keeps relocating unpredictably in concentric circles. Kalakalappu 2 runs for a large 153 minutes, by a finish of that all you’re acid for is a exit door.

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