Justin Bieber SLAMMED by Marilyn Manson: The Feud is ON!

In a bizarre new spin of events, it seems like Marilyn Manson has announced Justin Bieber his mortal enemy.

Just when we suspicion 2017 couldn’t get any weirder, right?

Marilyn Manson Image

We already knew that Marilyn doesn’t have too most adore for Justin — he’s done that transparent in a past.

He’s criticized a uneasy immature cocktail star on mixed occasions, a few times for adventurous to wear one of his t-shirts.

At one indicate final year though, they acted for a selfie together, and Marilyn even posted a selfie of his possess in that he was wearing a Bieber shirt for a change.

But it looks like things aren’t weirdly, uncomfortably accessible for them anymore.

In not one yet dual new interviews, Marilyn discusses Justin … and it’s transparent that there’s still a lot of bad blood there.

The pivotal emanate for him stems from a Justin Bieber t-shirt expelled final summer.

Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson Photo

For some reason, Justin teamed adult with Barneys afterwards to pull a Kendall and Kylie: they took a Marilyn Manson shirt, put Justin’s name on a back, along with a difference “Bigger Than Satan,” afterwards sole a thing for $195.

At a time, a shirt’s engineer publicly thanked Marilyn for signing off on a idea.

But, as Marilyn reveals in an talk with Consequence of Sound, that’s not accurately how things went down.

In his story, he ran into Justin during a bar, and “he was already wearing a shirt that had his name on my shirt, and he pronounced to me, ‘I done we applicable again.’”

“Bad mistake to contend to me.”

He also claims that Justin told him a reticent t-shirt “was his idea,” and so Marilyn motionless to play a small antic on him.

Marilyn Manson Loves Justin Bieber

“The subsequent day we told him I’d be during his soundcheck during Staples Center to do ‘Beautiful People,’” he says, yet he apparently never had any goal of behaving with him.

Poor, elementary Justin “believed that I’d uncover up, given he was that stupid.”

“He was a genuine square of sh-t in a approach he had a audacity to contend that,” he explains.

“He was a genuine touchy-feely man too, like ‘yo yo bro!’ and touches we when he’s talking. I’m like, we need to mount down, you’re dick tallness on me, OK? All right? So mount down, son.”

(Just in box you’re a kind of chairman who doesn’t keep adult with luminary heights, Justin is 5’9″ to Marilyn’s 6’1″, so not accurately “dick height” in reality.)

As for a emanate of a t-shirts, Marilyn says that he “took all a deduction from those shirts from him.”

Marilyn Manson Photograph

“They didn’t even fight, they were only like, ‘yeah, we already know, we did wrong, so here’s a money.”

In a second interview, this one for Billboard, he tells a same story, yet with a few some-more jabs.

For instance, when he ran into Justin he says “I saw a small lady in a pinkish hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be Bieber.”

He gives a small some-more information about a shirts yet — he says that “I didn’t have to sue his association for creation a shirts that he wore with his name and my face on it.”

“They were unequivocally most like, ‘We know we’re wrong here, only take as many dollars as we want.”

He adds that a whole thing “wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t pronounced ‘I done we applicable again.’”

While he seems generally secret towards Justin, it creates clarity that he’s not a fan of a kid.

If he unequivocally did have a audacity to tell Marilyn that he’s a reason he’s applicable currently — and given he was down to make that painfully foolish t-shirt, we have to suppose he did — he kind of deserves it.

When is Justin ever going to learn?