Judy Garland’s Third Husband Says The Icon Once Slashed Her Own Throat During Scary Suicide Attempt In New Memoir

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Judy Garland was so troubled.

A new discourse was expelled by a Wizard Of Oz star’s late husband, Sid Luft, detailing a iconic actress’ frightful self-murder attempts and her dangerous drug dependency.

The book was combined from a records Sid took for his autobiography, that he couldn’t finish before he died in 2005.

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Judy’s third associate pronounced that, in a 1950s, a star cut her possess throat in their Beverly Hills home since of her low depression, recalling:

“Judy had cut her throat with a razor blade…. What demons inhabited her essence only when life seemed so abounding and productive? It was a enormous astonishment that she would poison herself with pills, and that a poisonous greeting to whatever she swallowed would emanate an incentive for self-mutilation.”

Doctors eventually saved her life, though Sid remembered another terrifying try years later.

The businessman explained Ms. Garland had cut her wrists while they were staying in a Washington D.C. hotel:

“When Judy came out in her brief white edging negligee, her arms were in front of her and she said, ‘Look, darling, what I’ve done!’ Her wrists had been slashed and she was draining profusely.”

Mr. Luft was means to make tourniquets and get his mother to a alloy in time.

In further to her self-murder attempts, Sid also minute Judy’s drug dependency, explain that she took pills to stay “camera ready”:

“Whenever she began to dump substantial weight, it was dangerous, signaling an diseased use of pills.”

He also found copiousness justification of abuse in her bedroom, writing:

“Pills were dark in packages of cigarettes… The garments bushel was filled with drink bottles and a vodka bottle all empty.”

We’re so unhappy to hear only how most Judy struggled with depression and addiction.

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