Josh Duhamel’s Son Axl Loves a Green Bay Packers: ‘I Know It’s Just to Piss Me Off,’ He Jokes

Josh Duhamel‘s son Axl Jack with ex Fergie is only 4½, though he already knows how to pull his dad’s buttons.

At a Tuesday screening of his newest film Love, Simon in Los Angeles, a 45-year-old actor told PEOPLE that Axl’s football group affinity competence only be to get a arise out of his father.

“He is 4, and he already likes to fake that he likes a [Green Bay] Packers,” Duhamel says. “That is, like … a biggest impiety that we can have in a house.”

The star explains, “We are Vikings fans, and he already likes to say, ‘Go, Packers!’ and we know it’s only to piss me off, and he is 4!”

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Josh Duhamel

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Duhamel — who has prolonged been a fan of baseball and even played ’70s-era Major League Baseball pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee in a 2016 film Spaceman — admits to PEOPLE that he has employed a bit of bribery to get his son to take to a sport.

“I’m perplexing to keep him from carrying an hatred to it, so we am fundamentally bribing him into it,” a star says. “I move adult things that we know that he likes, that are superheroes, swords and Thor’s hammer.”

“I let him fake that he has Thor’s hammer and that he is going to ‘hammer’ a ball, and if he gets it past me he gets to run to initial bottom and gets an MM,” Duhamel adds.

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Of either he had ambitions to play a father of a teenage protagonist in a coming-out, coming-of-age regretful comedy, Duhamel explains that his aspirations were a small different.

“No! we wish to play a immature guy!” the Transformers star jokes with a laugh. “This is only unfortunately where we am during now.”

Love, Simon premieres Friday in theaters nationwide.