Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan’s Gender Reveal Goes International After Canadian Bakery Flop

When Salvation star Jennifer Finnigan found out she was pregnant, she knew accurately how she wanted to find out a sex of her baby.

“I said, ‘We have to get a exhibit cake,’ ” Finnigan tells PEOPLE of a review she had with her husband, actor/director Jonathan Silverman.

“And, of course, we wanted it to be gluten-free and vegan. I’m not even vegan … we consider we only wanted to be means to eat a whole thing and feel like it was kinda healthy!”

But there was one problem: Finnigan was filming Salvation in Toronto and a Canadian city’s bakeries were not informed with a judgment of a cake personally baked with blue or pinkish stuffing formed on a sex exam results.

Melissa Coulier

“We called everywhere in Toronto and they were lovely, though it only wasn’t a common thing there,” says Finnigan, who stars on her strike show’s culmination Wednesday night. “So we pronounced to my impossibly honeyed and poetic husband, ‘I’m going to need we to have a cake baked in L.A. and hang it unequivocally good and put it on ice and move that on your red-eye flight.’ ”

Silverman, 51, had been drifting from L.A. to accommodate his wife, 38, for each alloy appointment in Toronto, so holding a red-eye was no large deal. But a couple, who revealed a pregnancy to PEOPLE in June, did have vital concerns roving with a cake.

Melissa Coulier

“I was mostly endangered that TSA was going to cut into it and I’d get a formula right there during a airport,” says Silverman.

“I was, like, ‘Johnny, if they cut into it, only leave it. we don’t wish we to find out!’ ” Finnigan recalls. “We laughed that TSA would know a gender of a child before we did. But he arrived during my doorway during 6:30 a.m. and sliced into a cake and it was pinkish icing!”

Despite being in opposite countries for many of her pregnancy, Finnigan says Silverman could not have been some-more supportive, generally while she was filming her show’s final part while 7 1/2 months pregnant.

Melissa Coulier

“I’d done it a whole approach by only fine, though right during a finish we got pestilent ill and finished adult in a hospital. For a final sharpened day, Johnny had to come in and, we hatred to anxiety his many famous movie, though it was like Weekend during Bernie’s. He had to reason me adult since we was totally dehydrated. After each take we had to lay down,” says Finnigan.

“I crawled my approach to a finish line, though now we can watch a uncover behind with a small one and say, ‘You were in there a whole time.’ we consider that’s a coolest thing ever.”

Now that they’re both behind in L.A. with 6 weeks to go until Finnigan’s due date, Silverman says a integrate — who were introduced by Friends star Matthew Perry during a grill in 2004 and they marry in 2007 — are holding each baby category probable together.

“It feels like we’re cramming for a biggest final we’ve ever had,” he says. “But we are so vehement — well, I’m terrified, though in a best approach possible.”

Melissa Coulier

Finnigan says she’s a “voracious feminist” and can’t wait to lift her daughter to consider she can do anything a male can do.

“I can’t wait to assistance her do all she wants to do. we wish to give her each event we never had and we wish to see her freshness into whoever she wants to be,” she says. “Just articulate about it creates me emotional. It only feels right and a thought of saying my father holding a small lady … I’m swooning already. She’s going to be a unequivocally propitious lady to have a father like him.”

“I only wish she looks a lot like her mother,” laughs Silverman.

The deteriorate culmination of Salvation front Wednesday during 10 p.m. ET.