Jon Stewart Gives History Lesson On Nazis, Jews Controlling The Media, & ‘Fuckface’ Trump In Surprise Standup Set!

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With a arise of Nazis and a trainer who clearly encourages them, Jon Stewart is one voice we wish was still on TV.

Thankfully, a comedian still got to import in on Donald Trump‘s widely-scorned nod to a fatal Charlottesville assemble during a guest entrance during Dave Chappelle‘s stand-up expose during Radio City Music Hall.

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Among those in a mob bewildered by a former Comedy Central was New York Times note writer Sopan Deb, who took to Twitter to register Stewart’s set.

Speaking on a white supremacist assemble final weekend, Stewart’s condemnation “wasn’t so many that there were Nazis,” yet instead “the nod by certain presidents.” He explained:

“There are twin sides? Motherfucker? Two sides?! we trust they are called a Allied powers and a Axis powers.”

Talking it behind to History 101, a 54-year-old joked that America used to be with a Allied powers, yet it looks like Trump hermetic a compact that a rest of us don’t know about.

While Stewart doesn’t cruise every Trump follower is a Nazi, he finished it pure that “everybody who is a Nazi certain does seem to like him.”

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Stewart thereafter remembered his Twitter quarrel with Trump, where a destiny trainer mocked him for changing his name from Jonathan Leibowitz — that a comedian responded to by joking that Trump’s name used to be “Fuckface Von Clownstick.” Nice!

But it wasn’t all schoolyard name pursuit — Stewart spoke on a biggest alt-right “trope” that Jews control a media, explaining:

“Basically it goes behind to an aged white supremacist trope that is ‘Jews among us.’ [Trump] was signaling to a underworld that Jews are among us. Honestly, if Jews willing a media since wasn’t we on a network?”

He got we there, apart right!

Stewart also ripped on white supremacists for claiming they are a master race, saying:

“If we cruise you’re a master race, how come we’re all kicking your dickey so easily? Why aren’t a Olympics dominated by you? What do we still have left? Golf and tennis? Maybe, maybe. And even then, a initial black people we came across, you’re like ‘We can’t play this diversion anymore.’ Williams sisters, Tiger Woods.”

Though before his set was over, Stewart finished certain to defend a other side, quipping:

“In a president’s defense, he is a terrible person.”

Oh, how we skip this feisty Jewish gem!

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