Johnny Depp Dumped Immediately By New Lawyers — Oof, Not A Good Look!

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Remember how Johnny Depp played Donald Trump in that Funny or Die movie, and it seemed like a many ridiculous casting?

Well, it turns out they have some-more in common than we thought! Namely, they are having a tough time anticipating good lawyers

As we might recall, Johnny is in a center of a lawsuit with his former business managers over millions of dollars (he says they mislaid it, they contend he blew it).

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Less than 3 weeks ago authorised papers suggested his high-powered lawyers had forsaken a box — shocking deliberation a fast coming Aug 15 hearing date.

Now his deputy law firm, Michelman Robinson, LLP, has forsaken him too! A orator told Deadline:

“Upon carrying had an event to examination this matter in detail, we have dynamic it is in a best seductiveness of a organisation to concentration a courtesy on other matters. We wish a parties fitness in solution their differences.”

Oh shit!

Basically they sealed on, they saw a state of his case, they peaced out.

Translation? Johnny Depp’s box if fucked. See what we mean? Totally Trumping it. Sad!

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[Image around WENN/Funny or Die.]

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