John Stamos is Mum on His Baby’s Gender

John Stamos is Already Tired and is Keeping a Gender of His Baby a Secret for Now…

John Stamos, 54, says he’s already sleepy even nonetheless “the baby hasn’t even come yet.”

The Fuller House star and his mother Caitlin McHugh are awaiting their initial child together. The doting father has been immersion his mother with adore and caring during her pregnancy, creation certain she is good complacent and fed. But all of that pampering has done a actor exhausted!

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“My mother is arrange of resting a lot right now. It’s removing close. we arise adult and I’m a menial to her basically,” he jokes. And John has brushed adult on his cooking skills during a pregnancy cooking adult tasty robust dishes for Caitlin, “She cooking like a horse! She loves to eat though she’s so spare too. She’s doing pregnancy in a many seemly approach that we could’ve imagined. It’s only beautiful. It’s pleasing to watch. She only kind of floats by any day. She wakes adult smiling. It’s only been so beautiful, all of it!”

The hunky actor says he’s “over a moon” about this subsequent section in his life. He’s looking brazen to all of a adventures of what fatherhood brings though insists he won’t be changing any diapers!

“My whole life I’ve waited for this impulse and a best partial is I’m removing to primogenitor with a many ideal woman. She’s only common and sweet…I have to watch her since it takes her thirty seconds to win somebody over. She’s a unequivocally special person.”

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And John Stamos suggested that they know a gender of their child though have motionless to keep it to themselves for now. “I suspicion it was going to be X and when it incited out to be Y, we was like, ‘What?!’” “She’s already articulate about baby series two. We only arrange of finished decorating a house, or conceptualizing a house. She’s already on a internet looking during new homes that are bigger!”

Sounds like John is going to be in for a newer and fuller house!