John Legend On Daughter Luna’s Interest in Music — and Getting Her Ready to Be a Big Sister

Will John Legend someday be creation pleasing song with his possess daughter?

The apple doesn’t tumble distant from a tree, Legend reveals to PEOPLE during the Art of Elysium’s Heaven Celebration in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday.

Legend and mother Chrissy Teigen‘s 20-month-old daughter Luna Simone is “interested, for sure” in music, he says.

“She likes to piano with me and play,” explains Legend, 39. “You know, who knows what that will rise into.”

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Legend also adds that while he’s not utterly certain his daughter “gets” that she’s about to be a large sister, she does know her mother’s pregnant. “She knows mommy has a baby inside,” Legend continues. “She says ‘baby.’ ”

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As for his wife, Legend reveals that Teigen “enjoys being profound overall,” and that “it helps us focus.”

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“We’re perplexing to move this new baby to life. And to get it prepared for a world,” he explains, adding that he’s focusing on holding caring of Teigen to “make certain she’s ready.”

And in further to removing prepped for a new baby, a soon-to-be father of dual shares that he’s been “writing a lot” of new music.

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Ever a amatory husband, while usurpation a night’s Visionary award, Legend done certain to give his profound mother a special scream out.

“I am so beholden to my mother for being here,” he said. “Hi Chrissy! She’s profound with a second child.”

The Grammy Award-winning musician afterwards went on to explain how being a father has done him wish to assistance make “other kids’ lives better.”

“I consider being a father helps me know even some-more how frail life can be infrequently and how most it’s needed for us who have so many resources and so most energy to try to make other kids’ lives better. Because we know we can means for a kids to have correct health care, to have correct education, though there are so many kids in a nation and around a universe who don’t have that and we consider this knowledge of fatherhood has done me double down on saying, we got to do what we can together to make this universe improved for a immature people flourishing up,” he said.

Teigen announced that a integrate are expecting their second child on amicable media in November. She hilariously captioned a exhibit video, “It’s John’s!”

“Luna, what’s in here?” Teigen was listened observant in a background of a clip, with baby Luna pointing at her mom’s stomach and proclaiming, “Baby!”

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Since announcing her pregnancy on Instagram in November, Teigen has been vehement about a ups and downs she’s been experiencing with pregnancy.

“I adore being pregnant. we like it some-more than not being pregnant. But a headaches, my God a headaches,” she wrote on Twitter in December. “Someone…please help. Don’t contend water. Or Tylenol. Or iron. Or magnesium. we need witchcraft.”