John Legend Is Looking For Fat Donald Trump Supporters For His Next Music Video!

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Typecasting Middle America, or creation a forked matter during Donald Trump… or a small bit of both?!

John Legend is reportedly acid for some folks who demeanour like what you’re devising a stereotypical Trump believer to look… and that means white, old, and overweight!

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A new inventory has left adult on a casting website in El Lay this weekend acid for a really specific form of people for Legend’s new song video project, including a organisation of actors indispensable to play rally/protester forms as “preferably out of shape” white organisation and women aged 30-65 years old!

Here’s where it gets interesting, though: a convene also calls for 8 black organisation and women to play Black Lives Matter supporters, and 10 “young and blonde” white males that must be tasked with portraying a white jingoist alt-right… we can usually assume.

But a usually inventory that mentions a elite physique form is a Trump believer group, looking for overweight actors to execute The Donald’s fan base.


The fire is set for Friday, so things will start function here shortly enough. We can usually suppose what a finished product will demeanour like!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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Is John Legend’s characterization of Trump supporters a right one???

Let us know your thoughts in a comments (below)!!!

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