John Hurt Dies: 5 Things To Know About The Beloved ‘Harry Potter’ Actor

John Hurt upheld divided during a age of 77 on Jan. 27, following a conflict with cancer. The Oscar-nominated ‘Harry Potter’ actor combined a bequest for himself, rebellious all sorts of roles via his shining career. Here are 5 things to know about him!

1.) John Hurt was pang with pancreatic cancer.

The inclusive British actor sadly passed away during 77-years-old on Jan. 27. He was originally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 and, during a time, was confident he’d have “a acceptable outcome.” John’s representative done a harmful proclamation about his death.

2.) The actor has over 200 credits to his name.

John’s initial vital dermatitis film purpose was as Richard Rich in A Man for All Seasons in 1966. He won a Golden Globe for his ancillary work in Midnight Express, even starring in outrageous films like Elephant Man and Alien. John also had vital roles in a Harry Potter franchise, V for Vendetta, and a Hellboy films, many recently starring alongside Natalie Portman on Jackie.

3.) He was awarded a chivalry by Queen Elizabeth II.

John perceived a respect in 2015 for services to play in his 40-year career, dubbing him Sir John Hurt. Queen Elizabeth II famous a star during one of her weekly honors ceremonies during Windsor Castle. He after pronounced his only bewail was that his relatives were not alive to watch him collect a honor. He acted with his fourth wife, Anwen Rees-Myers, in front of a castle.

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4.) John was married 4 times.

He initial married singer Annette Robertson in 1962, though they separate dual years later. In 1984, John married Donna Peacock, before divorcing in Jan. 1990. Within a few weeks, he married American prolongation partner Joan Dalton and they eventually had dual sons named Alexander “Sasha” John Vincent Hurt and Nicholas “Nick” Hurt. They separated in Jul 2002. Three years later, he marry promotion film writer Anwen Rees-Meyers.

5.) The star sadly mislaid one of a loves of his life to a tragedy.

In 1967, he began his longest relationship, with French indication Marie-Lise Volpeliere-Pierrot. They were madly in adore and designed to get married after 15 years together, however she sadly upheld divided after removing thrown off a horse. She went into a coma and died after that day.

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