John Cena & Shaq Squeeze Into A Tiny Car & Rap Snoop Dogg In New Carpool Karaoke Clip

What happens when we put twin pro athletes in a punch vehicle with opening to any aria of their choosing? Well, John Cena and Shaquille O’Neal competence have usually put on a best ‘Carpool Karaoke’ skit, ever!


Before we watch this, we competence wish to fist tissues for tears of laugher, H2O to palliate yourself from excessive laughing and anything else that will support a cheering fit you’re about to endure. John Cena, and Shaquille O’Neal, are a extensive funniest twin in this preview for their upcoming Carpool Karaoke: The Series installment. The twin athletes [Shaq during 7’1″ and John during 6’1″] squeezed into a small car, that would many approaching be of a normal stretch for most, where they belted out Snoop Dogg‘s “Gin Juice”; Hall Oates‘ 80’s hit, “Maneater”; LL Cool J‘s “Mama Said Knock You Out and more! And, wait, who knew that Shaq can sing… and beatbox, or some form of what he usually attempted to do? LOL!


In a detached teaser, posted to Shaq’s Instagram, a camber are seen stealing into some smart trouble. Shaq emotionally sings, Cyndi Lauper‘s iconic hit, “True Colors” as John usually sits there awkwardly with a grin on his face. Then, Shaq continues with Madonna‘s “Like A Virgin”, where John jokingly begs for him to stop. After that, a teaser speeds adult with a twin stealing into some crazy situations; Shaq is seen user during a bakery, John rises someone on his behind and they seem to be in a drive-thru during one point.

Other scenes underline John punching Shaq in a face, a twin fist-bumping and Shaq attempting some form of beatboxing, yet we’re not accurately certain what that is, actually. Oh, and, a guys strike a basketball probity where Shaq — who, as we know, was one-half of a Lakers iconic twin Shaq and Kobe [Bryant] — couldn’t spike any giveaway throws. However, it had to be a spoof, observant as he’s an NBA seasoned veteran. In a end, he nails a shot with 0 yet net, looks during a camera, and says, “I strike em’ when we need to strike em’.” Shaq always was a squeeze player.

Check out a subsequent clip, and locate a full installment of Carpool Karaoke: The Series with John and Shaq when a full video is diminished on Apple Music, Sept. 5.

HollywoodLifers, who’s been your favorite Carpool Karaoke skit so far?

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