John Cena On How Fans Would React If He Turned Heel

John Cena was recently interviewed by Digital Spy to plead his new movie, Ferdinand. Below are a integrate of highlights:

Fans wanting him to spin heel:

“So many times in WWE, a assembly tells me – during a tip of their lungs – that they wish me to change. But over a years I’ve schooled that, if we change, they’ll only broom on me about something else. I’m never gonna greatfully them and, during a same time, we would be branch my behind on those that we caring about. So it couldn’t have been a improved conditions for me to be concerned with this movie.”

Stephanie McMahon Says She Fought To Turn John Cena Heel

There being some-more to him than his wrestling character:

“I am a 40-year-old adult – there’s a male behind a hand. we wouldn’t be where I’m during if it wasn’t for this [the hand] and we have good viewpoint of that. we wouldn’t be where I’m during if it wasn’t for those things. But it’s always a plea to let people know that there’s a small some-more to me.”

Cena also discussed starring in WWE Studios’ The Marine, a summary in Ferdinand being applicable and more. You can review a full talk by clicking here.