Joey Fatone Says His Family Goes ‘All Out’ for Halloween: ‘I Make a Lot of the Costumes’

Joey Fatone‘s dark talent? Costume design!

The former ‘NSYNC member sat down for a PEOPLE Now talk recently, where he talked a small bit about his new film A Witches’ Ball — where he plays a singing rat! — and dished on his family’s elaborate Halloween ensemble plans.

“I make a lot of a costumes, actually,” explains Fatone, who shares 7½-year-old daughter Kloey Alexandra and 16-year-old daughter Briahna with mother Kelly. “Or I’ll brew things together.”

This year, Kloey has a specific ask for a family: Guardians of a Galaxy. “She wants to be Rocket, a raccoon. I’m gonna be presumably Groot — we indeed have stilts. Kelly’s gonna be Gamora, and Briahna is going to be Star-Lord.”

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Last year, a family dressed adult as Wreck-It Ralph characters — and Fatone, 40, recalls how he had to get a small artistic when it came to Briahna’s choice of attire.

“My comparison [daughter] wanted to be one of a drivers, and they don’t have a dress — her name was, like, Cherry Bing-Bing or some crap like that,” he laments.

“I got a evasion ball, cut it [in half], burnt plume leaves down and stranded it in there — DIY! — and we put it on her head, and it looked like a cherry,” Fatone explains.

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Fatone’s adore for Halloween costumes goes approach behind — in fact, his comparison daughter’s possess affinity for that apportionment of a holiday competence have a lot to do with her dad.

“I dressed her adult as [Regan] from The Exorcist and we dressed myself as a priest,” he shares of a outfits he chose for himself and Briahna when she was around Kloey’s age.

“She finally satisfied that it’s fun to shock people, and she knows that it’s all fake,” Fatone says.