Joe Scarborough Announces on ‘The Late Show’ That He’s No Longer a Republican

The ‘Morning Joe’ co-host pronounced he’s finished with a Republican Party and is induction as an Independent.

It’s no tip that Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough, who served as a Republican member of Congress from 1995 to 2001, has soured on a Republican Party. But, during a Tuesday night coming on CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Scarborough took it one step serve and announced that he’s rigourously withdrawal a Party and apropos an Independent.

Scarborough and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, were primarily understanding of then-presidential claimant Donald Trump, though eventually have turn some-more vicious of him in new months. Their argument reached a hot indicate on a morning of Jun 29, when Trump tweeted an intensely personal conflict on Brzezinski that repelled a media and domestic worlds.

When asked by Colbert to residence a state of a Republican Party, Scarborough pronounced it’s “inexplicable,” and that a GOP “betrayed their core values” even before Trump was inaugurated in November.

“Back in a Dec of 2015 when Donald Trump upheld a Muslim ban, we pronounced on a air, it’s really simple, it’s black and white. we pronounced we can never opinion for anybody in my celebration that would contend they would anathema people since of a God they worshipped,” he continued. 

In a shave of a interview, to be aired Tuesday night, Scarborough chided Republicans for not job out Trump during a debate when he done a representation for a anathema and refused to totally rescind David Duke, a former member of a Ku Klux Klan.

“Time and time and time again, they incited a other way,” Scarborough pronounced of Republicans. “And they’re doing a same thing now. And it’s indeed disgusting. And we have to ask yourself, what accurately is a Republican celebration peaceful to do? How distant are they peaceful to go? How most of this nation and a values are they peaceful to sell out?”

Scarborough, asked by Colbert if he’s a Republican, reliable that he is, though added, “I’m not going to be a Republican anymore. I’ve got to turn an independent.”

During Tuesday’s episode, Scarborough also helped to install his co-host into the “Trump Attacked Me On Twitter” Hall Of Fame (and she returned a favor).