JJ Dillon Responds To Allegations By Eric Bischoff That He Tried To Disclose WWE Talent Pay

Eric Bischoff recently purported that JJ Dillon attempted to divulge absolved WWE talent compensate information to him when they were operative together in WCW. Dillon recently seemed on The Hannibal TV to residence a allegations.

Bischoff pronounced he refused to demeanour during a information Dillon offering him. Dillon pronounced by his trust operative in a WWE front office, it was partial of his pursuit to generally know a talent salaries off a tip of his head. Even yet he would offer recommendation formed on his experience, Dillon pronounced he would never go as distant as to undisguised exhibit what kind of income a wrestler was making.

“I had been concerned with contracts and knew what everybody was making, and we would courtesy divulging explanation of that as exclusive information that would’ve been inapt for me to request to him,” Dillon said. “Did we have ballpark numbers that were in my mind? Yes. And if there was a discussion, we could’ve talked in generalities… we could, in generalities but giving him specifics, assistance him with my trust in a pointed way.”

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Dillon pronounced he doesn’t trust he was used to a best of his abilities during his time with WCW. He pronounced he doesn’t have any ill feelings towards Bischoff.

“I have no ax to grub with Eric Bischoff,” he said. “Eric is a attractive guy, dresses well, presents himself well. He could be a salesman who could sell anything since he has a present of chit-chat for display and he’s really intelligent that way. He’s not a wrestling person, we don’t consider he’s quite associating in a business. Whatever his opinion of me is and his comment of my capabilities professionally or personally, to be honest we could caring less. But we don’t have any personal passion towards him.”

Dillon did conduct to take a puncture during Bischoff for not next as a conduct of WCW. He supposed no shortcoming for a association finale since he pronounced he had no change within a association during a time.

“He failed. He didn’t destroy since of me,” Dillon said. “At one point, Kevin Sullivan and we were put on a shelf. We had contracts and were being paid, and we were sent to Siberia. Whatever happened from that indicate that was to a passing of a association that they ceased to exist, dual people who can share nothing of a weight of a shortcoming would be Kevin Sullivan and myself.”

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