Jimmy Fallon Interviews Bryan Cranston in a Bathtub on ‘Tonight Show’

Cranston got in a cylinder Friday to respect his ‘Trumbo’ namesake.

Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston left a standard late-night table talk behind on Friday night in preference of a nice, relaxing bath. 

In sequence to respect screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who Cranston plays in a biopic Trumbo, Fallon invited a actor to join him for many of a talk in a bathtub on stage. The real Trumbo was famous for essay in a tub. 

Cranston, who is nominated for an Oscar for Trumbo, explained to Fallon that he’s mostly vehement about his assignment since “you get a label to a hall and we get pool privileges and we can cut in line for a slide.”

Fallon asked if he wanted to use his debate before Oscars night, and Cranston motionless to give a brief preview of it: “If we don’t get a chance,” Cranston said, “I would only like to appreciate Jay Roach, a director, and our producers for Trumbo. It’s been an well-developed year.” But The Roots cut him off and Fallon physically pulled him off a theatre before he could finish. 

Fallon showed a design of a genuine Dalton Trumbo in a bath, and Cranston explained that “he was hunched over his typewriter so most that he got a ongoing behind problem,” adding that doctors suggested Trumbo to take a bath each day, and he “did some of his best work in a bathtub.”

“I consider I’m removing a vibe from you,” Fallon afterwards said, “the talk is going good so far, though we consider we wish to take it to another level,” mouth-watering Cranston to join him for his “first-ever bathtub interview.”