Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Says ‘Damn Daniel’ During ‘Tonight Show’ Monologue

‘Damn Daniel’ has strictly strike a large time, by creation it into a late night speak show’s monologue. It was Jimmy Fallon to finally burst on a inhabitant disturb and do his best impression, and child did he spike it!

Hah! Leave it to internet savvy Tonight Show horde Jimmy Fallon, 41, to finally work in a “Damn Daniel” reference in to his Feb. 25 monologue. Not usually does he do a meant impersonation of Josh Holz‘s now barbarous saying about companion Daniel Lara‘s stylish white Vans, he even found a new approach to incorporate a observant into an emoji lexicon. Read on for some-more about Jimmy’s waggish joke.

Damn Jimmy!  We’re so blissful that a “Damn Daniel” craze is finally removing a late night comedy treatment, as a horde set adult a fun perfectly. Jimmy was mentioning how Facebook has rolled out 5 new emoji’s that can be used in place of a thumbs adult “like,” and he remarkable that there was one that a association neglected to embody and showed a blushing, smiley emoji with white Vans on and pronounced we indispensable a “Damn Daniel” emoticon. He afterwards launched into his possess versions of perplexing to replicate Josh’s “Damn Daniel” observant over and over again, and in box he had any viewers who have been vital underneath a stone this week, he suggested “Google it.”

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It’s crazy how a pointless saying has held on like wildlife ever given it went viral on Feb. 21. The Riverside, CA teen rocketed to inhabitant attention, even landing a mark on TV when daytime host Ellen Degeneres, 58, had Daniel and Josh on Feb. 24 to plead how a insanely familiar video came about. And only as it seems things were starting to die down on “Damn Daniel” front, Jimmy went and done it into late night story by uttering a line over and over! Get white Vans like Daniel’s by clicking right here.

We don’t know when and if a “Damn Daniel” courtesy will die down, though if you’ve held a eye of Jimmy Fallon — one of a funniest guys on a world — something is really going right!

HollywoodLifers, have we turn ill of a observant “Damn Daniel” yet?